#206 October 2010

#206 October 2010 - Highlights

A Real Hoot!
Director Zack Snyder leaves live-action behind to tackle a sweeping 3-D animated adaptation of Legend of the Guardians, featuring a brave parliament of owls.

Call of the Wild.
Alpha and Omega, the new 3-D CG-animated pic from Crest Animation and Lionsgate, charts the unlikely friendship between two very different kinds of wolves.

One Man's Best Friend.
Paul and Sandra Fierlinger's animated adaptation of My Dog Tulip tells a poignant, personal tale through realistic and simple drawings and paperless TVPaint technology.

Kids' Toons Find a New Home.
The Hub's president and CEO Margaret Loesch discusses the new Hasbro/Discovery venture's programming lineup and philosophy.

Cartoon Network Goes MAD.
Warner Bros. Animation brings Alfred E. Neuman and the satirizing sizzle of MAD to animated life with its new skit series.

Scaling the Heights.
Disney Channel's new animated series Fish Hooks introduces viewers to a hilarious cast of characters with a backdrop of a great-looking pet shop.

An Enchanting Encounter.
Director Bradley Raymond and producer Helen Kalafatic share the magic of Tinker Bell's third solo flight on DVD.