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Kabam Creates a New RPG World of Beloved Characters in ‘Disney Mirrorverse’

Disney Mirrorverse
Disney Mirrorverse

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Kabam Creates a New RPG World of Beloved Characters in ‘Disney Mirrorverse’

During an exclusive online event, Disney and game developer Kabam revealed fresh details for Disney Mirrorverse, the team-based, action role-playing game (RPG) releasing June 23 worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. Invited participants experienced a brand-new trailer that showcased battle-ready versions of fan-favorite characters and settings, built in collaboration with Disney and Pixar Games.

In Disney Mirrorverse, players enter a divergent universe separate from the settings of the original Disney and Pixar films. In these high-stakes 3D worlds, dark and light magic influence the lands, evolving iconic characters into Mirrorverse Guardians who are ready for combat and poised to fight against the Fractured, a malevolent threat whose goal is to shatter both realities.

Disney Mirrorverse

Rapunzel, Belle and Maleficent stand ready to defend the Mirrorverse.

Players will unite a team of empowered Guardians and take full control in real-time, action-oriented gameplay. As players progress through the game, they’ll collect a large roster of characters and assemble a powerful team of three to take into battle. Each character has unique battle abilities, including an armored-up Sulley, the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, the vengeful draconic mage Maleficent, and many more.

The trailer opens with suped-up Sulley (Monsters, Inc.) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) entering the Mirrorverse to battle a violet horde, where Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) swoops down in dragon form to deal a magical final blow.

Disney Mirrorverse features:

  • Enter a Divergent Disney Universe & Storyline – Experience a new storyline that authentically reflects dynamic Disney and Pixar characters in a way fans have never seen before as they defend against a new dark, unrelenting threat – the Fractured.
  • Choose and Customize 3D Disney and Pixar Characters – Enter richly detailed new worlds filled with 3D Disney and Pixar characters that have been powerfully evolved to match this high-stakes universe. Uncover the intriguing backstories of these Guardians and discover their surprising and authentic special abilities equipped for epic battle and adventure.
  • Real-Time Action Combat – Control a team of Guardians and experience the thrill and excitement of real-time action combat while controlling Guardians’ individual actions, team strategy, and special attacks, or select “auto play” to watch the cinematic action play out automatically.
Disney Mirrorverse

Sulley, Hercules and Mulan (far left) battle minions of the dark force threatening the Mirrorverse.

  • Epic Quests and All-New Disney Stories – Unlock unique narratives and battle Fractured enemies to obtain rewards and restore the worlds and characters of the Mirrorverse that have been corrupted by fractured magic:
    • Story Mode: Immerse yourself in an original storyline of tasks and quests to complete — experience the story of the Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery and the Fractured.
    • Story Quests: Updated every few months, new chapters to the main Story Quest or side stories featuring select heroes and villains will be constantly added for players to battle through and compete.
    • Event Quests: Players can participate in limited-time quests that tie into real-world Disney and Pixar-inspired content and events, and offer unique characters, awards, and progression items during a specific timeframe.
    • Alliance Missions: Join an Alliance and work together to complete event milestones and earn great rank-based rewards by competing against other Alliances.
    • Tower of Troubles: Players climb through progressively harder encounters while using a themed team of Guardians to earn progression items.
    • Dangerous Dungeons: Players compete against other players and alliances worldwide in ever-changing dungeons to earn progression items and other unique awards.
  • Monthly Content Releases – The Disney Mirrorverse experience is ever-evolving and expanding with regular releases of new Disney and Pixar characters, story chapters, event quests, and more.
Disney Mirrorverse

Jafar, Goofy and Maleficient defend Agrabah from the Fractured.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Netmarble, Kabam has previously worked with Disney and other leading entertainment brands like Hasbro and Universal to create mobile games based on hit franchises, which have generated hundreds of millions of downloads. Past titles include Marvel Contest of Champions, Transformers: Forged to Fight, Shop Titans and Fast & Furious 6: The Game. These games have also received multiple awards such as Apple’s Editors’ Choice and Google Play’s Best Game of the Year. Founded in 2006, Kabam has studios and offices in Vancouver, Montreal, Charlottetown, San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

Visit for more information and to pre-register to play.




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