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DAZ Introduces Developer Program with New DAZlStudio 1.3

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DAZ Introduces Developer Program with New DAZlStudio 1.3

Utah-based 3D software and models developer DAZ Productions has released a new developer program (Software Development Kit SDK) with the latest version of its free digital art software, DAZlStudio 1.3. The product enables third-party developers to fully integrate their own technology directly into DAZlStudio.

“Consumers across the globe demand engaging content and intuitive tools with which to manage it all,” notes Josh Darling, director of external development for DAZ Productions. “By fully exposing the DAZ|Studio API, third-party developers will be able to push their own technology to its limits without wasting time trying to deal with constraints of the main application itself.’

Among the cool plug-ins available in the package are: Importer/exporter for BVH mo-cap files created by GMCC software and bundled with DAZlStudio 1.3; file-format exporter created by Bruce Lamming of MetaGin Designs; Power Pose, a full-body inverse kinematics (IK) pose tool created by Steve Huang of Opportunity International and bundled with DAZ|Studio 1.3, and

Mesh Deformation Tool (D-Form) created by John Brugioni.

DAZ|Studio SDK provides an integrated, fully object-oriented interface which has been designed for maximum extensibility of DAZ|Studio at all levels. The SDK provides developers with the ability to add new functionality, interfaces, scene components, render engines, file I/O and much more to DAZ|Studio, including the ability to integrate new components into the native file structure. In addition, the SDK also enables developers to load DAZ|Studio with full functionality from other applications making it possible to directly import/export data as well as host live DAZ|Studio content in other applications.

For more information on DAZ|Studio 1.3 (which is free and available on the website), visit

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