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Video: ‘Gravity Falls’ Gaming Parody, Premieres Sept. 14


Video: ‘Gravity Falls’ Gaming Parody, Premieres Sept. 14

If you love classic video games, then this Friday’s all-new episode of Gravity Falls is for you.

Titled “Fight Fighters,” the episode features guest voice Brian Bloom as Rumble McSkirmish, a fighting-game character who comes to life to defend Dipper Pines after he is challenged to a video game battle by Wendy’s boyfriend, Robbie. The result is mashup of old-school video games from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to Donkey Kong, Tron, Pac-Man and Freeway.

Here’s a couple of clips from the episode.

Premiering Sept. 14 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, the episode was written by Zach Paez and directed by John Aoshima. A Disney Television Animation production, Gravity Falls stars Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines, Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines, Alex Hirsch as Grunkle Stan and Soos, and Linda Cardellini as Wendy. It carries a TV-Y7 parental guideline.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls


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