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Superights Scores 6-Special Package from Les Films du Nord

The Scent of Carrots



Superights Scores 6-Special Package from Les Films du Nord

Superights has secured a new distribution deal with independent producer Les Films du Nord for the TV, VOD and home video rights to a set of six animated television specials, which it will introduce to potential partners at MIPCOM. The titles have previously enjoyed theatrical releases in France (Cinema Public Films and Gebeka Films) and Belgium (Les Grignoux).

The package agreement covers:

  • Wake Up and Dream Again (38 min.) One moonlit night, the “Cinema Owl” flies onto a branch and greets the children from her perch. She tells them that she is a travelling storyteller who gathers the bedtime stories she overhears each evening at children’s bedroom windows. She now presents them in the form of short films which take young viewers along on different adventures.
  • The Scent of Carrots (26 min. + bonus) An animated musical comedy about a rabbit and a squirrel, neighbours and good friends, who both love food and good company. They nevertheless quarrel over their different tastes. One night, the squirrel goes out and is caught by a fox…
  • The Wind in the Reeds (26 min. + bonus) Eliette, aged 8, lives in a country where music has been banned by the king — but has made a flute from a wild reed in secret. She befriends a wandering minstrel from the East has his instruments confiscated. He is not the sort of person to like being told what to do. Together they will lead the people in a rebellion against tyranny.
  • The Owl’s Jingles (49 min.) In this new program, the Cinema Owl puts together five of her favorite stories featuring a number of new characters: The little ant and all her friends, the prankster snail, the wise tortoise made of gold, the humble stonemason and Basil the naive young man. All of them teach us humility and modesty by showing that those who claim to be the strongest and cleverest do not always win.
  • La Fontaine Turns Filmmaker (40 min.) This time, the Cinema Owl has brought back from her travels six short films for children ages 3-6, in the form of fables about animals, each with a strong message.
  • The Story of Little Paolo (21 min. + bonus) In 1863, Cyril undertakes a journey to Italy. He carries a mysterious music box on his back. He meets little Paolo, who dreams about having the same music instrument…

These join Superights’ existing catalog of specials, comprising The Horn Quartet (2 x 26 from Vivement Lundi!, The Genie of the Seas (26 min.) and Moko and the Worlds of Color (52 min.) from Le Regard Sonore, and The Tale of a Brave Little Fox (26 min.) from Submarine.)

“These six new programs are a perfect fit for broadcasters to create programming events for Christmas or other key moment of the year,” said Nathalie Pinguet, Deputy General Manager of Superights.

“Our programs are very successful with great releases in the French speaking market (France, Belgium, Switzerland), and also in Flemish Belgium, Netherland and Spain! By signing this distribution agreement with Superights, who is looking forward to promote our programs in the global market, we hope to reach a wider audience,“ said Arnaud Demuynck, Founder of Les Films du Nord.

The Wind in the Reeds

The Wind in the Reeds


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