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‘Sid the Science Kid’ Returns with Girl-Friendly Tech Episodes


‘Sid the Science Kid’ Returns with Girl-Friendly Tech Episodes

Sid the Science Kid is coming back with five new episodes focused on technology and engineering — and he’s bringing a few friends to help.

The new episodes will air the week of Dec. 5 on PBS Kids!, and will kick off with an episode that features Emmy-winning actress America Ferrera as the voice of marine biologist Dr. Rosalind Cordova.

The new episodes  focus on inspiring young girls to take an interest in science, and form an arc that begins with Sid and friends taking a trip to the Science Center where they learn more about real world scientists in their own lives including Gabriela’s mom, Dr. Rosalinda Cordova (Ferrera).

Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Here’s how PBS Kids! described the five new episodes:

  • “I Want to be a Scientist!” Premieres Monday, Dec. 5. In his backyard, Sid is intently observing squirrels and really wants to know why they make funny squeaking sounds. It makes him wonder, “What kind of scientist investigates animals?” Fortunately for Sid, today his class is going on a field trip to the Science Center, where a special guest greets them—it’s Gabriela’s Mom, Dr. Rosalinda Cordova (Ferrera). She is a marine biologist, and tells the kids about her exciting job SCUBA diving with whales. Completely enthralled, Sid wants to know if scientists investigate other kinds of animals, too. Dr. Cordova uses a video connection so we can meet a real wildlife biologist studying pandas at the San Diego Zoo. This leads the rest of the kids to ask about science fields they’re interested in. We meet a robotic engineer working on a 20-foot tall robot at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a chemist investigating stretchy ice cream in a kitchen lab, and a marine biologist at The Scripps Institute helping to keep oceans healthy.

  • “The Amazing Computer Science Tool!” Premieres Tuesday, Dec. 6. Sid is thoroughly amused as he watches his parents.  Every time their computers “ding” Mom and Dad run to check their computer, so Sid wants to know what all these computers do. Mom volunteers to show Sid’s class how a computer works, which helps Teacher Susie demonstrate the amazing way scientists use computers as a science tool,  In a special Super Fab Lab, the kids make discoveries with their magnifying glasses, then use the computer to share their discoveries by sending information back home to their parents. They’re just like real scientists using a computer to share discoveries with other scientists!

  • “The Big Cheese!” Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 7. While surfing the Internet with his Mom, Sid finds a funny picture showing that the moon is made of green, glowing, cheese. Sid thinks this is amazing, and when he goes to school, he relays his newfound moon information to his friends, who are equally enthralled.  When they tell Susie what they learned, Susie explains something very important—not everything you find on the computer is true. And someone who really understands that notion is visiting today, Gabriela’s Mom, Dr. Rosalinda Cordova (Ferrera), who also does lots of research on the computer, but it’s not the only thing she uses.  She tells the kids that when she does research, she reads books at the library, makes observations, asks experts, and looks at websites with good information.  Then she gives the kids their very own research project, where they break into two teams and investigate all the living things they can find around the school.

  • “Sid Wings It!” Premieres Thursday, Dec. 8. In his backyard, Sid shows off his homemade cardboard wings.  He’s wearing them because he wants to fly, just like the bird he has been watching all morning. When his flight plans don’t work out, he heads to school to investigate. Susie announces that the class is going to visit the Science Center to check out a special exhibit about FLIGHT. Sid and his friends are thrilled to discover how people learned how to fly by observing birds in nature, just like Sid did. They explore a special exhibit showcasing gliders, flying contraptions, and jet planes. And in live action, we see kids investigating real flying machines at the world famous Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

  • “Sid Engineers A Solution” Premieres Friday, Dec. 9. Sid has a big, big, big problem.  He’s trying to grab a cereal box located way up high on the kitchen shelf, but he just can’t reach it. He tries using a stool, but he still can’t grab it.  He wants to know, how is he ever going to grab that cereal box?  At school, Sid and his friends encounter another problem. They need to get a ball down that got stuck in a tree. Susie has an idea. If they have a problem, it’s time to “engineer a solution.”  The kids work as a team, brainstorm some ideas, draw pictures of their ideas, and then try building their ideas. And to make the day even more exciting, Dad visits school and volunteers to help the kids build a special “grabber” to get the ball down from the tree.

Check local listings for air times. Sid the Science Kid is a co-production of The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles for PBS KIDS.


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