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PBS KIDS Kicks Off October with Week of ‘Molly of Denali’ Premieres

Molly of Denali
Molly of Denali


North America

PBS KIDS Kicks Off October with Week of ‘Molly of Denali’ Premieres

This October, PBS KIDS invites families to celebrate the beginning of autumn with new episodes of their favorite shows, new games and a wide array of activities.

Starting October 7, PBS KIDS will kick off a full week of brand-new episodes of Molly of Denali on PBS stations and the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and live stream. Viewers will join Molly, Trini and Tooey on adventures to see the Northern Lights, attend a totem pole raising in Sitka and more, while showcasing kindness through Alaska Native values like showing respect to others and sharing what you have. Additionally, PBS KIDS will premiere new episodes of Arthur. And beginning October 14, families will be able to watch returning Halloween favorites through the end of the month.

“We’ve heard wonderful feedback from fans of Molly of Denali, and were thrilled to see that it was streamed more than 27 million times during its launch,” said Linda Simensky, Head of PBS KIDS Content. “This fall, we’re looking forward to a season of new, rich stories and returning favorites that the whole family can enjoy together.”

A new Molly of Denali app will be available to download for free later this month. In this app, kids ages 4-8 can explore places in Molly’s Alaskan village, Qyah. This includes going on dog sledding missions, fishing, creating beading projects or helping run the Denali Trading Post while using books, diagrams, and captioned photos to gain information to help solve problems, accomplish tasks, and help Molly’s friends and family. The suite of educational games in the app are designed to support foundational literacy skills in using and understanding informational texts.

Hands-on activities and resources, including a kindness and empathy hub for Bullying Prevention Month will be available on PBS KIDS for Parents. PBS will also offer PreK-12 teachers an easy way to integrate kindness themes into their instruction with a range of curriculum-aligned videos, lesson plans and games. Teachers can use these resources to enhance homework assignments and kick-start classroom discussions (

PBS KIDS will also offer a variety of Halloween-themed games on the free PBS KIDS Games App and, including fan favorites like Curious George Pumpkin Boo, The Cat in the Hat Corn Maze Craze, Daniel Tiger Dress Up and Peg + Cat Parade. Pumpkin-carving templates with favorite PBS KIDS characters and more can be found on the PBS KIDS for Parents Halloween Hub. And PreK-12 teachers can integrate Halloween themes into their instruction with a range of curriculum-aligned videos, lesson plans and games on the PBS LearningMedia Halloween collection.

PBS KIDS October premieres:

OCT. 7
Molly of Denali “Northern Lights/Fiddlesticks” When Trini confesses that she’s never seen the Northern Lights, Molly makes it her mission to show them to her. But after several sleepless nights, they still haven’t seen the Aurora Borealis. Can a little help from lots of different sources help them see the lights? | After an awesome jig dance at the Tribal Hall, Molly can’t wait for her fiddle lessons with Oscar to start, but she soon discovers she has a knack for playing the drum. A knack that turns into a passion. Can Molly figure out a way to break the news that she won’t be taking fiddle lessons from her friend?

OCT. 8
Molly of Denali “Mollyball/Visit Qyah” After wet cement ruins Molly and the gang’s plans for a basketball rematch, they head over to the Trading Post where they create a new game called Mollyball! As the game gets more and more complex, the kids must figure out a way of explaining the rules and later, how to end the game. | While looking through a travel guide of different Alaskan villages, Molly discovers that Qyah isn’t included! Molly convinces the guide’s author to visit her village and gets everyone involved to show the writer a good time. Will Molly succeed in getting Qyah into the guidebook?

OCT. 9
Molly of Denali “The Night Manager/Not So Permafrost” When the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon arrive at the Trading Post a day early, Molly’s confident that she and Trini can handle checking them in using a handy guide for guests. But after a series of blunders caused by following the instructions in the guide, Molly realizes she may be in over her head.| When Molly and her friends arrive at their old clubhouse, they are surprised to find it half sunk into the ground! Molly is determined to save the structure, but first she must solve the mystery of why it’s sinking in the first place.

OCT. 10
Molly of Denali “Tooth or Consequences/ Qyah Spy” A sensational video turns Molly’s excitement about an upcoming dentist visit into panic. Do dentists really drill cavities with jackhammers? Molly and her friends have no desire to find out. Can they duck the traveling dentist long enough to get away pain-free? | It’s all fun and secret spy games until Molly and Tooey stumble across a mystery visitor in Qyah. The duo deduces the visitor must be a spy when they examine the stranger’s clothing and hear a conversation between an unfamiliar voice and Auntie Midge in a language that sounds like “secret code.” Is their beloved chief embroiled in a secret spy ring?! Stay tuned, for all is not what it seems…

OCT. 11
Molly of Denali “Ice Sculpture/Tale of the Totem” When Auntie Midge informs Molly that her Mom was once an accomplished ice sculptor, Molly decides to organize an ice-sculpting competition in Qyah. But when rising temperatures threaten to melt the ice, Molly must come up with a clever solution to save the contest. | Molly’s excitement about attending her first totem pole raising in Sitka quickly turns to panic when she and Randall accidentally lose an important piece of the totem pole—one of the abalone shell eyes on a raven. Can they find a replacement before the ceremony that afternoon?

OCT. 14
Arthur “Fright Night/Citizen Cheikh” Buster’s Uncle Bob – portrayed by special guest R.L. Stine – comes to visit, and tells Buster a spooky bedtime story about his childhood encounter with a mysterious creature called “the lycanbunny.” But lycanbunnies aren’t real…are they? | When Cheikh learns that he and his family are becoming American citizens, he worries that they will have to abandon their Senegalese culture and only do “American” things.

OCT. 15
Arthur “The Pea and the Princess/D.W. and Dr. Whosit” The 3rd grade class is putting on a production of “The Princess and the Pea,” and Prunella is at the helm as director. She has a unique vision for the play, but nothing seems to go according to plan. | It seems like everyone is talking about a new television show…everyone but D.W., that is! After Mom and Dad tell her that she’s too young to see it, D.W. is determined to watch and find out what all the fuss about.

OCT. 16
Arthur “When Duty Calls” Ladonna finds out the Army is transferring her dad to Oregon, and the whole Compson family is moving again. That means she’s going to have to leave behind her school, her friends, and the story she’s been writing with Fern! Fern and the others can tell Ladonna is upset, but don’t know how to help. What can they do to make the transition easier for the Compsons?

Returning Halloween Favorites:
Arthur and the Haunted Treehouse Streams starting October 11, Airs October 17, 22, 24, 29 and 31
Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest Airs October 14, 18, 23, 25 and 31
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about Halloween! Streams starting October 18, Airs October 22, 24, 30 and 31
Wild Kratts: Creepy Creatures Streams starting October 25, Airs October 14, 18, 23, 28 and 31




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