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Disney TV’s November Blasts Off with ‘Rocketeer,’ ‘Big City Greens’ S2 & More

Big City Greens
Big City Greens


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Disney TV’s November Blasts Off with ‘Rocketeer,’ ‘Big City Greens’ S2 & More

There’s plenty for young viewers to be thankful for on Disney TV channels next month. Highlights of November’s toon schedule across Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD include the series premiere of The Rocketeer on November 8, and the season two premiere of Big City Greens on Nov. 16, guest-starring Jonathan Van Ness, Thomas Middleditch and Anna Akana.

The schedule also packs in new episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, T.O.T.S., Muppet Babies and Vampirina for the little ‘uns, as well as the continued adventures of Star Wars Resistance, Elana of Avalor and a new Goblin story arc in Marvel’s Spider-Man, with lots of fun guest stars lined up from Danny Trejo to Auli’i Cravalho!

Friday, Nov. 1
9:00-9:30 A.M. EDT (Disney Channel) Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures “Mickey’s Thanksgiving Fun Race!/Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!” To celebrate Thanksgiving, Mickey and the gang race Thanksgiving-themed racers. | Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca host Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunday, Nov. 3
6:00-6:30 P.M. EST (Disney XD)/10:00-10:30 P.M. EST (Disney Channel) Star Wars Resistance “The Engineer” Kaz and Neeku discover Nena, a Nikto engineer in need of assistance, who barely escaped a First Order attack.

9:30-10:00 P.M. EST (Disney XD) Marvel’s Spider-Man “The Road to Goblin War” Spider-Man must take down the slick new villain, Slyde, as he steals various chemicals from around the city in an effort to create a deadly virus that could wipe out New York.

Friday, Nov. 8
9:00-9:30 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures “Caution: Kids At Work!/The Snoozy Doozy Pet and Breakfast!” It’s Mini-Mechanics Day and Mickey’s #1 fan, Buddy, can’t wait to get to work. | When The Happy Helpers become busy with pet-sitting requests, they turn the Snoozy Doozy into a pet hotel.

9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) T.O.T.S. “Bringing Baby Back/A Penguin in the Desert” Pip and Freddy show Peggy the Polar Bear the benefits of having a baby brother. | Pip and Freddy brave the desert heat to deliver a camel.

11:00-11:25 A.M. EST (Disney Channel)/5:00-5:30 P.M. EST (Disney Junior) SERIES PREMIERE The Rocketeer “First Flight/Pilot Error” Kit Secord receives a surprise package on her birthday, revealing she’s next in line to become the Rocketeer. | While Kit learns the ropes of becoming a flying superhero, she must stop the thieving sister team of Laura and Harley from stealing jewels from the town’s jewelry store. Maria Bamford (Arrested Development) and Kari Wahlgren (DC Superhero Girls) guest star as Laura and Harley, respectively.

11:25-11:45 A.M. EST (Disney Channel)/5:30-6:00 P.M. EST (Disney Junior) The Rocketeer “Skyway Robbery/A Doggone Adventure” When Kit stops a thief from robbing the Bulldog Café, he ends up stealing her rocket-pack and helmet. | Butch must rescue his new friend, Honey, the golden doodle.

Sunday, Nov. 10
6:00-6:30 P.M. EST (Disney XD)/10:00-10:30 P.M. EST (Disney Channel) Star Wars Resistance “From Beneath” Flix takes Kaz and crew to his homeworld to acquire fuel from his family’s refinery, only to discover the family’s drilling has awoken something monstrous. Jim Rash (Community) and Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) return as Flix and Orka, respectively.

9:30-10:00 P.M. EST (Disney XD) Marvel’s Spider-Man “Goblin War – Part One” Spider-Man teams up with Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider and Doc Ock to track down a new threat — the mysterious Goblin Nation.

Friday, Nov. 15
8:30-9:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Muppet Babies “Mystery on the Muppet Express/Mister Manny” When Buddy the Bunny goes missing on the Muppet Babies Express, Summer Penguin sets out to find him. | Mr. Manny steps in for Miss Nanny when she runs an errand. Dulé Hill (Suits) guest stars as Mr. Manny.

9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures “Where’s Mickey?/Cuckoo in Hot Dog Hills!” Mickey helps Mayor McBeagle install a Flammer Jammer into his car. | Cuckoo Loca’s cousins visit from Paris.

12:30-1:00 P.M. EST (Disney Channel) Elena of Avalor “Team Isa” When Elena falls under the spell of a magical bandit named Tito, it’s up to Isabel and her friends to save Elena and the kingdom. Anthony Ramos (Broadway’s Hamilton) guest stars as Tito.

Saturday, Nov. 16
9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) SEASON 2 PREMIERE Big City Greens “Cricket’s Kapowie!/Car Trouble” Cricket earns a role in Big Coffee’s new TV commercial but loses his confidence. Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) guest stars as Confident Stylist, Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) guest stars as director Donny Tinselton and Anna Akana (Youth & Consequences) returns as café barista Gloria. | When Bill trades his pickup truck in for a cutting-edge electric car, he gets more than he bargained for. Cheri Oteri (Saturday Night Live) guest stars as Gwendolyn Zapp.

Sunday, Nov. 17
6:00-6:30 P.M. EST on Disney XD/10:00-10:30 P.M. EST on Disney Channel) Star Wars Resistance “The Relic Raiders” When Kaz and the team arrive on a mysterious planet to buy supplies, they find the outpost has been abandoned and a secret Sith Temple has been raised.

9:30-10:00 P.M. EST (Disney XD) Marvel’s Spider-Man “Goblin War – Part Two” Spider-Man and Harry Osborn seek the Goblin King to determine who is behind the Goblin Mask.

Friday, Nov. 22
9:00-9:30 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures “Campy Camper Day!/Founder’s Day Flounder!” While on a camping trip, Mickey, Donald and Daisy can’t unplug from their electronic devices. Mickey and the gang celebrate the 100 th birthday of Hot Dog Hills.

9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) T.O.T.S. “Out Foxed/Elephant in the Room” Freddy’s status as the best hide-and-seeker is challenged after he and Pip lose a baby fox. | Pip and Freddy help K.C. earn her first Golden Feather on Cleaning Day.

11:00-11:25 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) The Rocketeer “Carnival Caper/Songbird Soars Again” The Great Orsino and his traveling carnival arrive in Hughesville to steal Kit’s rocket-pack. | Kit befriends a former pilot, May Songbird, and helps her find the courage to fly her plane again. Phylicia Rashad (This Is Us) guest stars as May Songbird.

12:30-1:00 P.M. EST (Disney Channel) Elena of Avalor “The Last Laugh” Naomi has second thoughts about her role on the Grand Council after her childhood friend, Veronica, visits. Auli’i Cravalho (Moana) and Gina Torres (Suits) guest star as Veronica and Chatana, respectively.

Saturday, Nov. 23
9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Big City Greens “Urban Legend/Wishing Well” When Bill learns that Gramma has been purposely creating a frightening reputation around town, he throws a barbeque to befriend the neighbors. | Cricket makes a wishing well to cash in on people making wishes, but when Tilly dumps all her savings into it, he is faced with a dilemma. Zeno Robinson (Young Justice) and Andy Daly (Review) return as Cricket’s best friend Remy and Officer Keys, respectively.

Sunday, Nov. 24
6:00-6:30 P.M. EST (Disney XD)/10:00-10:30 P.M. EST (Disney Channel) Star Wars Resistance “Rendezvous Point” Doza attempts to meet a Resistance pilot from his past. Meanwhile, the pilot has been captured by the First Order. Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Donald Faison (Scrubs) return as Jace Rucklin and Hype Fazon, respectively.

9:30-10:00 P.M. EST (Disney XD) Marvel’s Spider-Man “Goblin War – Part Three” In order for Spider-Man to defeat the Goblin King, he must first bring together Doc Ock, Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales and Harry Osborn.

Saturday, Nov. 30
11:00-11:30 A.M. EST (Disney Junior) Vampirina “A Gargoyle Carol/Deliver-eeek!” When Gregoria is reluctant to embrace the human traditions of Christmas, she receives a visit from the Christmas Ghost who takes her on a journey to the past, present and future to help her get into the holiday spirit. | Vampirina and her family are excited to discover a new service that delivers specialty items from Transylvania. Nicole Sullivan (The King of Queens) guest stars as Cleo, a delivery witch.

9:30-10:00 A.M. EST (Disney Channel) Big City Greens “Elevator Action/Bad Influencer” Gloria gets stuck on an elevator with the Greens. Anna Akana (Youth & Consequences) returns as café barista Gloria. | Remy falls under the sway of an internet influencer. Danny Trejo (Machete) and Zeno Robinson (Young Justice) return as bodyguard Vasquez and Cricket’s best friend Remy, respectively.


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