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Adult Swim Upfronts Mostly Live Action


Adult Swim Upfronts Mostly Live Action

Adult Swim announced its upfront lineup to advertisers, with announced new series veering more toward live-action than animation.

Animated offerings include the previously announced Mike Tyson Mysteries, the animated comedy Mr. Pickles and a new Venture Bros. special.

Among the newly announced series is one hybrid project, announced as a mix of live-action and rotoscoping, called Dream Corp LLC.

Many of the network’s returning programs — both original and acquired — are animated.

Here’s how the network described its new additions:

Untitled Triumph/McBrayer Sitcom

Untitled Triumph/McBrayer Sitcom

  • Untitled Triumph/McBrayer Sitcom – Jack (McBrayer) is a former child star of a popular Lassie-type series that ran in the ’80s and ’90s. After it was cancelled, his crude but beloved co-star (Triumph) spiraled into decadence and got Jack in trouble with him. 15 years later, with Jack finally self-sufficient, happy, and away from show business, Triumph finds his way back into Jack’s life. This new half-hour live-action comedy series is created by Robert Smigel (SNL, TV Funhouse, Conan), Michael Koman (Eagleheart, Nathan For You) and David Feldman (Real Time, Dennis Miller Live), starring Emmy-nominee Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Conan), produced by Poochie Doochie Productions and Universal Television.
  • Dream Corp LLCDream Corp LLC is a new live-action/rotoscope hybrid pilot being developed for Adult Swim, with Daniel Stessen (The Gold Sparrow) as creator and executive producer and John Krasinski (The Office) also as executive producer. Dream Corp LLC is an experimental therapy facility that creates a virtual reality for patients to confront issues in their waking life by simulating their wildest dreams. Guided by the eccentric Dr. Roberts (Jon Gries) a team of unique scientists document and conduct their research that hasn’t been funded since 1992. Like a poorly maintained carnival ride, the program has developed some questionable kinks throughout the years. The patients change from week to week, but despite the advice of their loved ones and their own instincts, they keep coming back.
  • Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter – Set in the pretend sleepy enclave of Garrity, Vermont (aka “B&B Town, USA!”), Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is the story of a neon-clad man with a mysterious past and a highly specialized skill set – hunting werewolves. When a sudden plague of inexplicable werewolf fatalities strikes, the Garrity sheriff’s department finds itself in over its head and the fate of the townspeople is left up to Neon Joe. Will he catch the beast before the next full moon, or will it live another day and kill again? Pilot is created by Jon Glaser (Delocated, Parks and Recreation, Girls).
  • Untitled World Star Hip Hop Project – This live-action single cam comedy pilot is inspired by the energy and style of the #1 urban website featuring a celebrity guest in a very World Star world. Executive produced by Q WorldStar and Devon Shepard (House of Lies, Mad TV). Since its launch in 2005, has grown from a niche site covering hip-hop culture, news and user-generated video content into an online juggernaut that receives over 20 million page views a day and 30 million unique visitors a month.

Series and Specials Premiering This Summer and Fall:

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries

  • Mike Tyson MysteriesIn Mike Tyson Mysteries, a new half-hour animated adult comedy series, Mike Tyson is taking the fight from the boxing ring to the streets … by solving mysteries! Aided by the Mike Tyson Mystery Team — the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, Mike’s adopted Korean daughter, and a pigeon who was once a man — Mike Tyson will answer any plea sent to him. If you have a problem that needs solving, Iron Mike is in your corner. The series incorporates live-action appearances featuring Mighty Mike himself, and the gloves come off as the former heavyweight champ and his team gear up for weekly adventures as they put unsolved mysteries down for the count. The series stars Mike Tyson, Norm Macdonald (Saturday Night Live), Rachel Ramras (MAD), and Jim Rash (The Way Way Back, Community). Mike Tyson Mysteries is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and premieres on Adult Swim this fall.
  • Black JesusBlack Jesus is a half hour live-action scripted comedy series from Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks, Red Tails). The series finds Jesus living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers. The series stars newcomer Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Grand Theft Auto V) as Black Jesus, and also stars Charlie Murphy (Are We There Yet?), Corey Holcomb (The Cleveland Show), and John Witherspoon (The Boondocks, The First Family). McGruder, who created the series, is executive producer through his 5 Mutts Productions along with writer/director Mike Clattenberg (Trailer Park Boys) and LEG’s Norman Aladjem and John Bravakis. Black Jesus premieres this summer on Adult Swim.
  • Mr. Pickles – In Mr. Pickles, the urban sprawl of modern society pollutes the old-fashioned town where the Goodman family lives with their lovable pet dog, Mr. Pickles, a deviant border collie with a secret satanic streak. From creators Will Carsola and Dave Stewart (Funny Or Die Presents Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time), the series is an animated quarter-hour and premieres this fall on Adult Swim.
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories – Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim return to Adult Swim – writing, directing and starring in Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories – an anthology series in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. Each episode offers a unique tale: dark, horrifying, perverse, insane … hilarious – featuring a wide array of comedic and dramatic guest stars. High production value replaces “awesome show” era cable access low-fi – but there’ll be no question whose minds are behind Bedtime Stories. This live-action half-hour series premieres this summer on Adult Swim.
  • The Venture Bros. Special – Space. The final frontier, where no one can hear you scream, revenge is only served cold, and the drinks are comped in the casino. Join the Ventures — and pretty much everyone they’ve ever crossed paths with — as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic, hour-long adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it forever. Created and directed by Jackson Publick and written by Publick and Doc Hammer, both of whom also provide voices for the special, The Venture Bros. Special is being animated by Titmouse, Inc. The half-hour animated special premieres on Adult Swim later this year.

Returning series:

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

  • Aqua TV Show Show
  • Black Dynamite
  • The Boondocks
  • Childrens Hospital
  • China, IL
  • The Eric Andre Show
  • The Heart, She Holler
  • Hot Package
  • Infomercials
  • Loiter Squad
  • Newsreaders
  • Robot Chicken
  • Rick and Morty
  • Squidbillies
  • Superjail!
  • The Venture Bros.
  • Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell

New acquisitions:

  • Space Dandy
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Black Lagoon
  • Attack on Titan

Returning acquisitions:

  • American Dad
  • Bleach
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Cleveland Show
  • Family Guy
  • King of the Hill
  • Naruto: Shippuden
  • One Piece

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