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BRIC TV Launches Its First Animated Series ‘The United Space of America’

The United Space of America
The United Space of America

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BRIC TV Launches Its First Animated Series ‘The United Space of America’

BRIC, a leading arts and media institution anchored in Downtown Brooklyn whose work spans contemporary visual and performing arts, media and civic action, announced the debut of The United Space of America, a six-part mixed media web series airing on BRIC TV beginning Tuesday, November 16.

Set around the time of the 2020 Presidential election, The United Space of America blends social commentary and current events with dark, witty satire — all set against a wacky, intergalactic sci-fi backdrop. The production is BRIC TV’s first-ever animated series and stars William D. Caballero and Elaine Del Valle. The creator/producer duo previously worked together to bring Gran’pa Know Best to HBO Latino. Del Valle is also currently guest-starring on the new ABC series Queens.

The show follows Paco Del Pluto and Cornelius Cosmosis — two elderly astronauts from Brooklyn who have been adrift in space for over 30 years —  as they finally make contact with Earth. Horrified by the current state of American affairs, the duo refuses to go back to a world they no longer understand, and instead decide to explore the galaxy to find a more enlightened alien civilization to live with. As the two come into contact with various quirky intergalactic societies, they discover one painful truth: the same political and social problems plaguing America today are abundant throughout the cosmos.

“I created The United Space of America because I was frustrated and comically amused by the absurdities of today’s overly-zealous ‘patriots’ who inhabit both the extreme ends of the political sphere in America,” said Caballero. “By showcasing these buffoons as caricatured alien ambassadors, whose polarized ideologies at the planetary level are easily scrutinized and dismantled by a pair of crotechedy elderly astronauts of color, the show allows us all to laugh at ourselves, whether liberal or conservative. This quirky web series is my creative and comic response to the increasing divisiveness taking hold in this land that I love, from sea to shining sea, with liberty and political satire for all.”

Kuye Youngblood, General Manager at BRIC TV, added, “We are thrilled to bring this brilliant vision from William Caballero and the art of animation to BRIC TV with this timely and darkly witty production. BRIC TV is committed to telling stories that speak to the conditions of our world and supporting independent filmmakers through innovative storytelling that both captivate the viewer and cause them to contemplate. We hope you’ll join us on this intergalactic mission!”

Will D. Caballero | Elaine Del Valle

Will D. Caballero | Elaine Del Valle

The United Space of America’s cast features Caballero as Paco Del Pluto and Cornelius Cosmosis, Del Valle as Galaxandria, Victor Cruz as Planet Rockalock Ambassador, Leopold Nunan as Planet Pansexion Ambassador, Cammie Middleton as Planet Freedom Ambassador (voice) and Ron Nery Jr. as Planet Freedom Ambassador (actor).

The production’s crew includes creator/writer/director/co-producer Caballero; executive producers Kecia Élan Cole, Kuye Youngblood and Aziz Isham; producer Del Valle; post production supervisor Steve de Sève; 3D models by Chang Kim; 3D rigging by Stephen Mann; space shuttle designer Roy Greenwood and graphics intern Emily Kinser.

William D. Caballero is a multimedia filmmaker, 2021 Creative Capital Award Recipient, and 2018 Guggenheim Fellow. His animated films, which feature 3D printed and composite figures, have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the Museum of Modern Art, and have premiered on major networks such as HBO, PBS and Univision.

Elaine Del Valle garnered critical acclaim as actress and playwright of her one-woman show, Brownsville Bred, which depicted her true New York-Puerto Rican coming-of-age story in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Having studied acting at Carnegie Hall under the tutelage of legendary acting teacher Wynn Handman, Del Valle’s passion to advance Latino portrayals in film, TV and stage led to her work behind the scenes. Elaine’s most recent acting role is as a recurring guest star in the new ABC series Queens.

BRIC TV is based in Brooklyn, NY and both Caballero and Del Valle, hail from the borough — Coney Island and Brownsville respectively.

You can watch The United Space of America on BRIC TV’s YouTube channel here.


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