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3D Hologroup Introduces ‘Adult’ 3D Holo Girlfriend

3D Holo Girlfriend

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3D Hologroup Introduces ‘Adult’ 3D Holo Girlfriend

You just knew this was going to happen! 3D Hologroup has released the first “adult-oriented” A.R. content for Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta 2 with 3D Holo Girlfriend.

“Augmented reality porn (AR porn), is getting set to take off in a big way,” exclaims the press release! “Like virtual reality porn before it, AR porn is about bringing adult content to viewers in as real a way as possible…Welcome to the future of adult entertainment!”

3D Hologroup has launched the website with three animated AR characters. According to the producers, a new female character will be added about once a week, and website and device enhancements are constantly being developed and released. In addition, 3D Hologroup is currently looking for Beta testers to try out the new software, so you can offer them your personal feedback!

According to the company, users will be able to bring their 3D Hologirlfriends into their bedroom for very realistic experiences and interactions. The company has long-term plans to build AI into the software so that the girls are even more interactive in both sexual and non-sexual ways. We guess the world of Blade Runner 2049 is closer than we thought.

3D Holo Girlfriend

3D Holo Girlfriend


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