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Wacom Intuos4 Wireless


Wacom Intuos4 Wireless

My favorite tablet has just gotten better. You might ask, ‘How can the Intuos4 get any better? I mean, its sleek and black. Ambidexterous. Customizable buttons and a wheel. A sweet pen cradle slash nib holster. What more do you need?’

That’s right: Wireless.

Wacom has taken the tablet and injected it with a Bluetooth transmitter and a lithium battery for the ultimate in mobility. This added mobility doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone. I see it most useful for people who are up walking around doing demonstrations and speaking in front of others; teachers, presenters, lecturers, etc. The range is up to 33 feet from the computer, so you have a lot of wiggle room to move as you point and click while you teach the masses.

I travel quite a bit, so it’s perfect to whip out in the airport to get some quick work done without having to pull out the USB cable, thread it around so people don’t trip on it, find the pen in your bag … It makes you not want to even try. With the wireless, you whip out the tablet, flip the switch and you’re ready to go (assuming you’ve already paired the Bluetooth with the laptop). The pen has a little sleeve on the side of the tablet, so its always close by. And all of it fits nicely next to the laptop in your bag. You have the USB if you want–and, frankly, need occasionally for recharging.

All the Intuos4 tools work with the wireless, so you can utilize the accessories such as the airbrush pen with its application wheel, and the art pen with its ability to not only control tilt and pressure, but also the roll of the pen to get calligraphic effects with software from Corel and Adobe.

Furthermore, the purchase of the tablet gives you some perks from supporting companies like Abode, Autodesk, Corel and Nik.

Like I said, the upgrade may not be necessary for some, but it’s a boon to those who need that freedom.


Price: $399

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