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Toon Boom Launches Harmony 20 with Inspiring Demo Pack

Harmony 20
Harmony 20



Toon Boom Launches Harmony 20 with Inspiring Demo Pack

Toon Boom Animation has launched the newest update to its award-winning animation production software, &Toon Boom Harmony. With Harmony 20, the company wants to challenge artists and animators to express themselves in new styles — inspiring users with a demo pack created by seven artists and their teams from around the world. Their work illustrates endless possibilities with Harmony 20’s improved drawing and coloring tools as well as a host of new features.

“The entertainment industry is becoming aware of the true value of animation — both as a means of producing content and of expressing what is impossible to show in any other medium,” said Stephanie Quinn, Director of Marketing at Toon Boom Animation. “Harmony 20 has tools and capabilities that dare artists to push beyond the boundaries of what audiences expect to see.”

Harmony 20, the industry’s leading 2D animation software, brings the latest in digital drawing sensitivity to its brushes — every marking, every style, every texture you want to create feels natural. Rulers, guides, colour control and features as well as innovative deformers enrich your animation, bringing your work closer to what you can imagine.

To showcase Harmony 20’s stylistic flexibility and features, Toon Boom invited seven artists and teams to produce a demo pack, each contributing scenes inspired by a short prompt. These teams were drawn from both the Toon Boom Ambassador Program and the international users’ community, and were given total creative freedom on their scenes.

Demo breakdown:

  • Scene One — Mark Borgions, illustrator and animator, HandMade Monsters | Interpreting, “In our world… // Everything is possible,” Belgian illustrator Mark Borgions’ scene begins with a squirrel climbing a massive tree as giants approach to play instruments. The scene uses imported raster and vector assets along with Harmony’s textured brushes and pens, deformers, depth of field effects, colour scale nodes and rigging with master controllers.
  • Scene Two: Arthell Isom, studio founder and background artist, D’ART Shtajio | Tokyo-based anime studio founder Arthell Isom was inspired by the lines, “You can be who you are // You can show your true you,” and shows a person exploring their true identity in a mirror. It was animated in a traditional Japanese-style pipeline, recreated in Harmony. “I believe D’ART Shtajio is helping to set the tone for the future of Japanese animation. Anime has always been a tradition, the next gen is coming,” said Isom.
  • Scene Three: Anja Shu, animator and instructor, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies | Based in Yerevan, Armenia, Anja Shu applied her watercolor animation skills to the lines “You can sing // You can dance,” illustrating an opera singer jumping from the stage to her dressing room. “I’m very happy with the wide range of textured brushes and pencils that Harmony has to offer. There are so many styles to try — watercolor, pastel and chalk,” Shu said.
  • Scene Four: Magelan Fournier, Marie Pier Larose, Matt Watts, Raymond Quigley, Andres Martinez Vergara and Mike Morris | Inspired by “You can achieve,” artists Magelan Fournier and Marie Pier Larose created a 3D scene to accompany a 2D rig created by Matt Watts and animated by Raymond Quigley. The full scene was pulled together, both 2D and 3D elements, by Andres Martinez Vergara. Finally, the scene was originally storyboarded by Mike Morris for the new Toon Boom Training Courses for Advanced Rigging, showcasing Master Controllers and other advanced rigging features.
  • Scene Five: Rise of the TMNT crew, Nickelodeon | The Burbank team behind Nickelodeon’s hit television series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles provided a digitally hand drawn animated scene with their iconic characters to accompany the lines, “Acceptance is everywhere // And possibilities are endless.” This superhero scene was storyboarded by Kevin Molina-Ortiz and was brought to life by director Sebastian Montes and supervising director Alan Wan.
  • Scene Six: Gonzalo Azpiri, animator and studio owner, Hookup Animation | Depicting, “And every creative dream // Every style,” Bueno Aires-based promotional animator Gonzalo Azpiri animated an action sequence of a creature leaping through the woods, over a car and diving into a live-action ocean scene. “These kinds of scenes with animated backgrounds end up being quite complex due to the many elements involved, but Harmony has put together a lot of friendly aids to organize the work, which made my scene much easier to handle,” said Azpiri.
  • Scene Seven: Pinot W. Ichwandardi, senior animator, VaynerMedia | Finishing the demo pack is New York-based animator Pinot W. Ichwandardi with “Everyone can simply express their deepest dreams // Their truest stories” — showing a live-action right hand sketching its left counterpart, which then erases the hand that drew it! His scene makes use of filmed footage, rotoscopy and traditional animation.

Harmony 20 new features:

  • The smoothest texture deformation with the Weighted-Deform Node
  • Create depth, volume, and more realistic animations with new Lighting & Shading
  • Advanced color management environments and effects give artists and studios full control over the accuracy of their project’s colors from initial illustration to final export
    • New colour effects nodes: color curves, color levels, gamma and color-fade
  • Drawing and creativity live hand-in-hand and snapping Alignment Guides make it faster & easier
  • Drawing improvements made for animation artists make animation creation quicker and easier

You can watch a complete one-hour overview of Harmony 20 here.

For more information on Toon Boom Harmony 20 features, pricing and technical requirements, visit


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