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SIGGRAPH: Performer2 Multi-View Changes the Facial Mocap Game




SIGGRAPH: Performer2 Multi-View Changes the Facial Mocap Game

France-based Dynamixyz has released the world’s first commercially-available software solution to run markerless facial capture on multi-camera streams, in-house, unlimited: Performer2 Multi-View.

Tailored for demanding productions, the tech offers unprecedented 3D precision and organic-looking facial animations, making the most of multiple camera angles to improve both robustness and precision with accurate three-dimensional performance capture. Performer2 Multi-View is also a boost to productivity, as it cuts time spent on tedious steps like annotations and occlusions management and offering an efficient workflow.

While the approximation of marker-based mocap makes sense for body tracking, facial expressions combine motion and deformation of facial skin, exhibiting complex, continuous patterns of appearance changes. So, facial performance is best captured through a dense analysis of face geometry and texture, with every pixel acting as a measurement, as in markerless technology.

Dynamixyz is also in the vanguard of real-time tracking and retargeting as used for live events and virtual production, with a dedicated pipeline taking advantage of training data.

Dynamixyz will perform a live demonstration of Multi-View using a chest-mounted stereo camera system during SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver (Aug. 12-16).

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Performer Multi-View release from Dynamixyz on Vimeo.






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