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Creative NOMAD’s Jukebox Zen NX


Creative NOMAD’s Jukebox Zen NX

If you’ve been looking for an affordable hard-drive-based MP3 player that can compete with Apple’s i-POD, then Creative’s NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is the answer to your prayers.

The 30gb Jukebox Zen MX can hold up to 8,000 WMA or MP3 songs. That means you can certainly carry your voice-overs, narrations, or dialogue soundtracks with you to locations or meetings. A small scroll botton on the side allows fast and easy access to files. If you use the box to store and build your music library, the songs are indexed automatically and can be viewed in a number of ways (e.g. by artist, title, album, genre, etc.). You can also create your own play lists to suit your needs. Handy extras include EAX Audio, which lets users adjust audio for specific situations and surroundings.

The Jukebox Zen NX runs on a removable Li-ion battery that can run for up to 14 hours.

All of the above would be pointless if the sound quality didn’t perform on a professional level. That’ why it’s important to note that the audio was crystal-clear and it could be cranked out as loud as we needed it to be. In addition, the high-res backlit LCD lets you easily see which tracks you are listening to without straining the eyes.

Connecting the box to the computer was effortless. The package’s software makes it very easy to add songs to the playlist. The player’s design is very friendly and impressive. All necessary buttons are easy to reach and you will not have any problems controlling the device. The creators made everything on the Zen NX straightforward and user-friendly.

The Good News: A good selection of features and crisp audio quality will be music to your ears. Using the stylish and well-designed Zen NX is a great and affordable way to archive your studio’s music library.

The Wish List: All I would ask for is a line-out jack to help hook the box to the sound system since it would be ideal to listen to Zen NX sans headphones.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a solid portable music player and storage device, this is the one you should pick up.

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Animation Magazine’s Seal of Excellence

Final Score: *****

Sound Quality: *****

Ease of Use: *****

Design: *****

Capacity: *****

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