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Exec Producer Brooke Patterson Introduces Us to ‘The Great Wolf Pack’

Great Wolf Entertainment’s charming new animated project The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure centers on five woodland friends (Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf,...

Six Point Harness Goes Wild with Great Wolf Entertainment Slate

Animation studio Six Point Harness is heeding the call of the wild with a new film and series of shorts for leading indoor waterpark...

Great Wolf Ent. Unveils Characters’ New Look for ‘The Great Wolf Pack’

Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.’s newly launched entertainment umbrella, Great Wolf Entertainment, completed an extensive transformation of its beloved woodland characters and is preparing to...

Vacation Brand Great Wolf Resorts Expands Its Paw Print with Entertainment Division

Great Wolf Resorts is taking its beloved woodland characters and bringing them to life in new and exciting ways. Production is underway on a...