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Delicate Digits: Jeremy Clapin’s ‘I Lost My Body’

***This article originally appeared in the December ‘19 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 295)*** In a cinematic year dominated by superheroes, fantastic creatures, wise-cracking animals...

First Look: Xilam’s Acclaimed Annecy Movie ‘I Lost My Body’

It’s not every day that an auteur-driven, animated feature about the adventures of a dismembered hand makes it to the big screen. But then...

Cannes Gets Animated

While the general public doesn’t think of the Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25) as the prime spot for premiering animated projects, this auteur-driven event...

Teaser: ‘I Lost My Body’ Screening at Cannes Critics’ Week

With the announcement of the Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week selections, Jérémy Clapin's feature directorial debut I Lost My Body (J’ai perdu mon corps)...