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Oscar Preview 2011

Oscar Preview 2011

Oscar Preview 2011


A High-Tech, Dysfunctional Santa's Coming to Town - How the wizards at Aardman joined forces with Sony Animation to deliver the poignant and funny CG-animated holiday adventure, Arthur Christmas.

Awards Preview '11

The Big Picture! - Past Oscar winners and nominees (and some of this year's top contenders) share their views on the toon business in this exclusive Animag feature.

Something Worth Tweeting About! - Tweety, Sylvester, Granny and some familiar voices make the new Warner Bros. 3-D short the cat's meow.

Animation Magazine's Oscar Watch [Part 1 of 4] - Early award season watchers seem to be unable (or unwilling) to pick frontrunners in the animation race this year. But most of them have high hopes for a certain Belgian boy reporter and his dog Snowy.

The 2012 Features Race - Which of the 2011 releases will be leading the Best Animated Feature Oscar race, and which will be left in the dust? Here are our recaps (and pre-caps!) of the possible contenders and their chances for the winner's circle.

The Long and Short of It - We've got the goods on films witty, dark, hand-crafted or technological edge-pushing that have earned consideration for a coveted Best Animated Short Oscar nomination.


Animation Magazine Volume 25, Issue 8.5, Oscar Preview Issue 2011

Arthur Christmas, The Last Norwegian Troll, Animation Magazine’s Oscar Watch [Part 1 of 4], The 2012 Features Race, The Long and Short of It and much more!
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