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Issue #245 December 2014

Issue #245 December 2014

Issue #245 December 2014

An Animation Marvel
Disney taps a veteran group of animators to transform Big Hero 6 from an unlikely comic-book property into a mainstream movie adventure.

Feathered Weapons
The popular sidekicks of DreamWorks’ hit franchise are ready for their solo feature close-up in Penguins of Madagascar.

Big Legacy, Bright Future
Disney TV Animation turns 30 on a creative high note that it plans to carry into the future.

Tall Story, Short Run
Creator Patrick McHale’s storybook tale Over the Garden Wall becomes Cartoon Network’s first miniseries.

A Tale from Antiquity, Animated
Isao Takahata turns one of Japan’s most ancient stories into the heartbreakingly beautiful The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.

Complying with Gravity
Double Negative goes for realism and a mix of old-school and cutting-edge effects techniques for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Interstellar.

Awards Season Preview
A broad look at the animated shorts and features landscapes as Academy Awards season begins.


Animation Magazine Volume 28, Issue 10, #245

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