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Issue #244 November 2014

Issue #244 November 2014

Issue #244 November 2014


A Tome of Vim and Vigor - The Book of Life mixes modern conventions with Mexican tradition and brings director Jorge Gutierrez’s passion project to life. .

Seals of Excellence - With their much-anticipated, beautiful 2D pic, Song of the Sea, director Tomm Moore and the team at Cartoon Saloon find inspiration in Ireland’s charming folktales.


Old is New Again - Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels plots a course back to the franchise’s storytelling and visual roots

Festivals & Events

MIPCOM 2014: Quelque chose de Cartoons — It’s that magical time of year when Cannes, France’s Palais des Festivals (and any bars within walking distance) are jam-packed with content creators and buyers from across the globe, hoping to make the deal of a lifetime or snap up the next big thing.

Brand Licensing Europe 2014 - Colorful characters from around the world will convene in London for the annual L&M confab.


Animation Magazine Volume 28, Issue 9, #244

Book of Life, Star Wars Rebels, Song of the Sea, MIPCOM, Brand LIcensing
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