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Issue #236 January 2014

Issue #236 January 2014

Issue #236 January 2014


Miyazaki's Magnificent Coda - The Japanese master's final feature, The Wind Rises, is a beautiful, mature work of art as well as a deeply personal one.

Pachyrhinos' Stirring Saga - Walking with Dinosaurs puts a family feature spin on BBC's acclaimed CG-animated documentaries about the Jurassic giants.

A Bittersweet Biography - Comicker and filmmaker Jung Henin's autobiographical Approved for Adoption tells his complex story with animated memories.


Intergalactic Travels with Grandpa! - Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's quirky new sci-fi toon, takes viewers along for a fantastic ride.

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Settling the Score: The 2014 Musical Oscar Race - Our special Oscar season coverage continues with a look at how top composers scored some of the year's biggest animated titles.


Animation Magazine Volume 28, Issue 1, #236

The Wind Rises, Walking with Dinosaurs, Approved for Adoption, Rick and Morty, The 2014 Musical Oscar Race and much more!
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