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Issue #228 March 2013

Issue #228 March 2013

Issue #228 March 2013


Collodi's Wooden Boy Comes Back to Life - Italian director Enzo D'Alò serves up a faithful new animated feature based on the original Pinocchio.

A Zany Return to Area 51 - Director Cal Brunker stresses strong visuals and iconic imagery in the new, sci-fi comedy movie Escape from Planet Earth.


The Millenial Hipster Superheroes Have Arrived! - Warner Bros. Animation takes the familiar DC characters in a totally new direction in the upcoming Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!

Putting Himself Out There - How South Park veteran Ryan Quincy tapped his awkward phase for IFC's first original cartoon.


Cartoon Movie Pics at a Glance - Quick takes on some of the new European-grown animated features presented at the event.


Animation Magazine Volume 27, Issue 3, #228

Pinocchio, Escape from Planet Earth, Teen Titans Go!, Out There, Beautiful Creatures, Cartoon Movie, Oscars 2013 and much more!
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