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Issue #225 November 2012

Issue #225 November 2012

Issue #225 November 2012


He's Got Game! - Inspired by many of our favorite videogames, Disney's Wreck-It Ralph delivers a funny, original and heartwarming tale about an 8-bit bad guy in search of a new life.

Dawn of the Dead Pets - Director Tim Burton pays homage to his favorite monster movies and his childhood pet in the charming stop-motion gem Frankenweenie.


Cartoon Network Turns 20 - A look at how the trailblazing 24-hour cable channel has changed the toon landscape and evolved over the last 20 years. Plus a timeline of milestones and first person P.O.V.s from some of the talented people involved in CN's evolution.


Cartoons at Cannes - Our annual guide to MIPCOM includes buyer profiles, top picks for new animated shows at the market and content listings from studios and distributors.


Animation Magazine Volume 26, Issue 8, #225

Wreck-It Ralph, Frankenweenie, Cloud Atlas, Sofia the First, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, MIPCOM 2012 and much more!
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