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Issue #225.5 Academy/December 2012

Issue #225.5 Academy/December 2012

Issue #225.5 Academy/December 2012


League of Extraordinary Characters - How director Peter Ramsey and his brilliant team of DreamWorks artists and technicians created the majestic worlds of Rise of the Guardians.

And Now, For Something Completely Different... - A Liar's Autobiography uses various animation techniques to shed light on the outrageous life and career of the late Monty Python player, Graham Chapman.

Awards Preview 2012

Let the Awards Race Begin! - Is it just us or is the Best Animated Features race shaping up to be one of the more exciting categories of the award season once again?

The Short List: Oscars 2013 Edition - Though the year's jam-packed schedule of festivals bestowing Oscar-qualifying awards has yet to wrap up, there's still a vast and diverse landscape of possible Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film nominees to peruse.


Animation Magazine Volume 26, Issue 9, #225.5

Rise of the Guardians, A Liar’s Autobiography, Secret of the Wings, Paperman, Junkyard, Awards Preview 2012 and much more!
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