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Issue #221 June 2012

Issue #221 June 2012

Issue #221 June 2012


Meet the Bonnie Lass of Brave - Pixar breaks the toon and tech molds once again with its 3-D Scottish princess adventure

Euro Dash - DreamWorks' delightful zoo buddies find some new European pals in the third chapter of the Madagascar trilogy.


Tales from the Weird Side - Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch taps his childhood memories to create the offbeat world of the hot new Disney Channel cartoon.

Tapping in to The Grid - Disney XD puts a fresh spin on a sci-fi classic with the new series TRON: Uprising.


Short on Minutes, Long on Talent - The 2012 edition of the Annecy Festival puts an amazingly diverse and creative range of animated shorts from al over the world in the spotlight.


A Hot VFX Summer Sampler - We focus on some of the innovative digital effects of three of the season's early blockbusters.


Animation Magazine Volume 26, Issue 4, #221

Brave, Madagascar III, Ernest and Celestine, The Snow Queen, Gravity Falls, TRON: Uprising, Annecy 2012, VFX Summer Sampler and much more!
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