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Issue #219 March 2012

Issue #219 March 2012

Issue #219 March 2012


Arrietty: A Tale Twice Borrowed - How Disney brought Studio Ghibli's take on The Borrowers to U.S. audiences.

Saving the Truffula Trees of Life - How the team at Illumination Entertainment put a shiny new 3-D polish on Dr. Seuss' cautionary, environmentally themed The Lorax.

Bravo, L'Europe! - Lyon's Cartoon Movie cuts the ribbon for 50 eclectic titles created for both young and mature audiences worldwide next month.


Sunday Afternoon with Patrick - Canadian indie Patrick Doyon's subtle short Dimanche (Sunday) is a testament to the simple pleasures of 2D animation and well-observed reflections of life.

A Chicken's Tale Told in Three Acts - Grant Orchard's clever first short, A Morning Stroll, combines various animation styles to tell a delightful story with a twist.


The Kinder, Gentler Robots Are Here! - The Hub's Transformers Rescue Bots opens the door to a more peaceful universe for younger fans of the franchise.


An Eye-Popping Homage to Jules Verne - How Journey 2 director Brad Peyton and his vfx team crafted the thrilling visuals of the 3-D fantasy adventure.


Animation Magazine Volume 26, Issue 2, #219

The Secret World Of Arrietty, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, Cartoon Movie, Dimanche (Sunday), A Morning Stroll, Transformers Rescue Bots, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and more!
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