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Issue #218 February 2012

Issue #218 February 2012

Issue #218 February 2012


Belle of the Stereo Ball - How Disney Feature Animation blended artistry and technology to bring Beauty and the Beast into 3-D.

The Annies Shake Things Up! - You can look forward to a lot of surprises and top-notch entertainment at the 39th edition of the Annie Awards in February.

Oscar 2012

Eye on the Oscars: Animated Shorts - We survey the 10 amazing titles shortlisted by the Academy.


Expanding the Magical World of William Joyce - How Hurricane Katrina and a veteran children's book advocate in New York City inspired an award-winning animated short and popular iPad app.


Welcome to the Emerald Knight's Reboot! - DC Comics' evergreen hero faces new villains and unforeseen challenges in Warner Bros. Animation's hot new Green Lantern: The Animated Series.


Animation Magazine Volume 26, Issue 1, #218

Beauty and the Beast, Annie Awards, William Joyce, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Oscar Watch and more!
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