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Issue #214 September 2011

Issue #214 September 2011

Issue #214 September 2011


Smurfs and the City - Peyo's beloved little blue creatures come to CG life in Sony's Smurfalicious 3-D hybrid extravaganza.


Tail-Waggingly Terrific - Hasbro Studios and The Hub let the fresh new dogs out in the charming reboot of Pound Puppies.

Siggraph '11

Your Essential SIGGRAPH '11 Tip Sheet - Our list of the key events to check out at this year's SIGGRAPH Expo in Vancouver (Aug. 7-11).

SIGGRAPH Recruiters Hum 'O, Canada' - A look at which studios are looking to hire at the big CG confab.

The Quiet Revolution - A timely SIGGRAPH panel examines the pros and cons of distributed production.

Home Entertainment

Midsummer Fun on DVD - Enjoy these old favorites and shiny new toon treats while you nurse your sunburn. If you don't like them, you can use the discs as coasters at next year's BBQ.


Not Your Grampa's Campfire Story - Industrial Light & Magic helps intergalactic creatures invade the Wild West in Universal's Cowboys & Aliens.


Animation Magazine Volume 25, Issue 6, #214

Smurfs and the City. Tail-Waggingly Terrific. Your Essential SIGGRAPH ’11 Tip Sheet. SIGGRAPH Recruiters Hum ‘O, Canada’. The Quiet Revolution. Midsummer Fun on DVD. Not Your Grampa’s Campfire Story
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