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Issue #116 August 2002 (Collector’s Cover)

Issue #116 August 2002 (Collector’s Cover)

Issue #116 August 2002 (Collector's Cover)

Same content as Issue #116 (Cover A), just different cover image! Limited print Collector's Cover starring Pamela Anderson of Stripperella, based on characters created by Stan Lee. Ward Kimball: 1914-2002 - We are sad to report that legendary Disney artist, animator, designer and filmmaker Ward Kimball passed away on July 8 at the age of 88. MGL Takes Toys to TV. The One Big Cartoon Pitch: European Producers Gather at Cartoon Forum.


Volume 16, Issue 8, #116, August 2002

Dirk Dares Again: Dragon’s Lair Goes 3D. Our Hero, Herobear. DQ Animation Directors Read Too Many Comics? Special Report on Comic Book Layouts
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