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SVA Presents 2019 Premieres, Computer Arts Projects This Week

Papito by Sarika Persaud & Kenneth Rosen
Papito by Sarika Persaud & Kenneth Rosen


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SVA Presents 2019 Premieres, Computer Arts Projects This Week

New York’s School of Visual Arts will be showcasing a range of student work this week, with the film and animation showcase SVA Premieres: Best of 2019 returning to Hollywood on May 30, and the Computer Arts program exhibition X: Variations in Experience opening at the SVA Chelsea Gallery in NYC on May 28.

Held at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study in Los Angeles, SVA Premieres will feature a curated selection of 18 works by talented, recently graduated filmmakers from SVA’s film, animation and visual effects programs who represent a diverse and global range of viewpoints and artistry. The selected filmmakers will be present to meet with an audience of industry professionals in person.

This year’s SVA Premieres program runs the gamut of cinematic forms, including live-action narrative and documentary films, and traditional hand-drawn animation, computer-generated 3D and visual effects. The films tell stories covering subjects ranging from sexual liberation, female empowerment and spiritual rituals to first love, environmental politics, addiction, coming of age and more. To further the mission of introducing the next wave of artists and filmmakers to the industry, the newly minted graduates will visit local studios, including Disney Television Animation, Netflix, Amazon Studios and Deutsch to connect with professionals and fellow SVA alumni who work at the forefront of the film and animation industries. (Full program below.)

Curated by Chinlung Chuang (MFA 2015 Computer Art) and Jamie Keesling (MA 2013 Critical Theory and the Arts), X: Variations in Experience is an exhibition of select thesis projects by MFA Computer Arts students. The works on view are a culmination of two years of intensive study. “X” represents an intersection, a cancellation and an unknown variable. Phonetically, it is the first syllable of “experience,” the question of which unites these diverse projects. Artists in this exhibition envision personal transformations, experiment with storytelling and question the relationship between digital technology and human life. To varying degrees descriptive, abstract and humorous, many of the works on view represent struggles to adjust to new situations within ourselves and in the external world. Prepare to encounter dystopian futures, uncanny domestic interiors, goofy aliens and constructed audio-visual environments.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday, May 28 to Saturday, June 15 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery on the 15th floor of 601 West 26th Street (open 10 a.m.-6 p.m., wheelchair accessible). There will be a reception on Thursday, May 30 at 6 p.m.

SVA Premieres Program:
Ben and Kat or Kat and Ben Go to Little Lake Fountain by Nicholas Dimas & Elizabeth Whitfield, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Beyond the Green Mountain by Meicen Meng, BFA Film Black by Soo Hyun Kim, BFA Design
Checkmate by Jaime Pavon, MPS Fashion Photography
Crunch by Luikaidi Lukas Peng, MFA Computer Arts
Daisy Desire by Léa Sassi, MPS Directing
Dystopia of a Jungle City, and The Human of Nature (Excerpt) by Carla Maldonado, MFA Photography, Video and Related Media
Eclosion by Hao Yen Chuang, MFA Computer Arts
Go through the Dark (Excerpt) by Yunhong Pu, MFA Social Documentary Film
Herpes from the Church Wine by Brian Cosenza, BFA Animation
Memory Box by Emmy Stork, BFA Animation
Mt. Sundae by Katharine Kow, BFA Animation
Murk by Xuchen (Aurora) Wang, MFA Computer Arts
Papito by Sarika Persaud & Kenneth Rosen, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Performance Documentation 12-12-18 by Grayson Gemmiti, BFA Photography and Video
Toy by Anthony Kim, BFA Design
Why Z? by Asher Horowitz, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Xiangliu by Zuheng Yin, BFA Design

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Murk by Xuchen (Aurora) Wang

Murk by Xuchen (Aurora) Wang


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