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DAVE School Takes Comic Trip


DAVE School Takes Comic Trip

A recent graduating class from The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (a.k.a. the DAVE School) has completed a 5-minute CG animated piece based on the first two issues of the CrossGen comic book mini-series Chimera.

The DAVE School is a complete training center in the art and science of computer animation for television, film and more. Since opening its doors in 2000 on the Universal Studios Orlando lot, students have worked on a number of real-life demo projects with creative clients such as Brooklyn based toy company Art Asylum. The only criteria that the school is looking for in a project is that it should feature only a few main characters (unless a single character can be multiplied into an army of identical figures) and a strong creative direction.

The school does not charge these clients for services, as it serves to give the students experience in a true production environment. Students learn how to interact with clients, work together in groups to get large projects completed in a quick and efficient manner and are challenged to come up with results for what a client wants.

CrossGen’s Brandon Peterson and DAVE School owner Jeff Scheetz met a year ago at the MegaCon comic book and sci-fi convention in Orlando and discussed doing a project together. Peterson, who created and writes Chimera with Ron Marz, followed up and suggested that the property fit the criteria.

Chimera is a about a woman who is hunted in another galaxy by the Chimeran empire, which wants to use her genetic powers as the missing link to complete their own genetic manipulations as they reach for perfection. The animated short features the heroine being found by empire drones, a struggle on the ice mining planet of Serevan and a huge battle where she lays to waste an entire battalion with the energy force she possesses.

Peterson says CrossGen Comics plans to use the completed animation in multiple ways. They will be showing it during their summer convention tour on plasma monitors to promote the comic and draw people into their booth. It will also be seen on the compayn’s website as a special gift for fans. Since CrossGen is growing into a multi-lateral entertainment company, it also plans to use the animation to pitch the concept for a feature film based on the characters.

The Chimera animation was completed in time for the April graduation. The graduation took place at Universal Studio Orlando Cineplex, where the project was projected for the graduates, faculty, family and friends.

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