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Art Connection Academy Sets Summer Programs


Art Connection Academy Sets Summer Programs

Art Connection Academy has announced its Summer Animation Program.

In these three animation sessions, taught by industry veterans, students will learn to create a 24-second animated scene addressing the theme of happiness. The 24-second film will animate a moment in your life that made you happy. The possibilities for each student’s film are endless (receiving a gift, waking up to a sunny day, doing a trick on your bike).

The student who joins this exciting 9-week intensive summer program will receive an immersive learning experience in the world of animation, taught by a number of the most talented artists in the entertainment industry.

Each session is taught by different artists and runs for three weeks. Classes will meet twice per week for 3 hours, with a review on the last Saturday of each session. The entire session will be overseen by the director of our animation program, Andrew Gordon. All instructors are currently working professionals.

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Session 1: Story
Instructor: Sam Hood
Dates: Tuesday & Thursday (June 10-28)
Time: 8-11 a.m. CT
In this three-week session, Sam Hood instructs students through the critical process of story development. Students will learn how to pitch, develop beat boards, create an animatic, and explore a number of other storytelling tools. Sam Hood and Andrew Gordon will review each student’s storyboard in addition to providing constructive feedback. By the end of this session, students will have a strong grasp on storytelling foundations. In addition, students will learn how storylines are developed at studios that produce feature-length animations.

Session 2: Character and Production Design
Instructors: Daniel Holland and Anthony Christov
Dates: Tuesday & Thursday (July 1-19)
Time: 9 p.m.-midnight CT
The artists instructing these sessions are listed amongst the best designers in the entertainment industry. Daniel Holland and Anthony Christov have worked on films such as WALL•E, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Finding Nemo and a number of other successful feature films. Each instructor will help you improve and develop your story ideas to create the world and characters for your short film. Many different concepts addressing design and production will be learned and applied during this session. Most importantly, students will learn how industry professionals approach similar aspects of storytelling at major animation studios.

Session 3: Animation
Instructors: Stephen Gregory and Andrew Gordon
Dates: Tuesday & Thursday (July 22-Aug. 9)
Time: 8-11 p.m. CT
In the animation phase, students will animate the story they have developed in previous classes. Students will develop an understanding of the software used for animation. You are also allowed to take a traditional approach, by drawing your entire project on paper. Students are encouraged to use the software of their choice. During this session, the instructors will provide constructive insight as students develop their short animated film on the theme of happiness.

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