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In Memoriam: 2012


In Memoriam: 2012

As we approach the final moments of 2012, we’d like to take this opportunity to remember and honor all the talented men and women of the animation and vfx community who passed away during this year. Animation Guild, ASIFA and Women in Animaton will host the annual afternoon of remembrance on March 3rd this year, at the Hollywood Heritage Museum (Lasky-DeMille Barn, 2100 N. Highland Ave, Across from the Hollywood Bowl).

Gerry Anderson, 83, creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO

Frank Andrina, 83, TV animation director

Iris Beckerman, animator, ASIFA east board member, wife of Harold Beckerman

Jan Berenstain, 88, co-creator of The Berenstain Bears

Lucille Bliss, 96, actress, voice of Smurfette, Crusader Rabbit

Ernest Borgnine, 95, actor, voice of Mermaidman on SpongeBob SquarePants

Dave Borthwick, director, Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, Doogal

Jack Bosson, artist, animator instructor at Woodbury and Gnomon

Ray Bradbury, 91, renowned fantasy author, Farenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Dave Brubeck, 91, composer, This Is America, Charlie Brown

Richard “Kip” Carpenter, 82,  screenwriter, The Borrowers, Famous Five

Ernie Chan, 71, artist, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Kristin “Casey” Clayton, special effects painter and final checker for Disney, Filmation and Hanna-Barbera

John Coates, 84, animation producer, The Snowman, When the Wind Blows

Franco Cristofani, animation director, The Chipmunks, Fat Albert

Tissa David, 91 animator, teacher, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Abel’s Island

Patricia Disney, 77, former wife of Roy Disney

Jim Duffy, TV animation producer, Rugrats, G.I. Joe, Jem, Captain Planet

Jake Eberts, 71, producer, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight,

Ethel Falkenberg, ink and paint supervisor, The Beatles, Tubby the Tuba

Jean “Moebius” Giraud, 73, comic artist, Blueberry, Arzach

Edd Gould, artist and animator, 24, Eddsworld

Karen Greslie, 68, animation color stylist, PowerPuff Girls, Samurai Jack

Leland Hartman, 82, layout artist, TinyToon Adventures, Sleeping Beauty

Jim Hiltz, 85, TV director/storyboard artist, Rocky and His Friends, George of the Jungle,

Daphne Huntington, 87, artist, Goober and the Ghost Chasers

Fyodor Khitruk, 95, director and animator, Winnie the Pooh, The Lion and the Bull

Thomas Kinkade, 54, artist, Fire and Ice

Peter Kranjcevich, 36, technical director, Tinker Bell, Kim Possible, Titan A.E.

Joe Kubert, 85, comic-book artist, Sgt. Rock

Bob Lambert, 55, Disney digital pioneer,

Ken Landau, 86, layout artist, Smurfs, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, Pac-Man, Super Friends,

Don Markstein, 65,  author and creator of Toonpedia

Rusty Mills, 49, TV producer/director/storyboard artist, Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures

Sheldon Moldoff, 92, DC comic-book artist, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Batman

Eileen Moran, 60, visual effects produce, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Connie Morgan, artist, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Heavy Traffic, Popeye TV series

Keiji Nakazawa, 73, manga artist/writer, Barefoot Gen, Hadashi no Gen

Mark Nelson, 59, writer, The Real Ghostbusters, Smurfs, G.I. Joe

Margaret Nichols, 82,  film and TV animator/director, The Transformers, Smurfs, The Black Cauldron, The Muppet Babies, Rescuers Down Under, The Little Mermaid

Rod Parkes, 70, animator, Charlotte’s Web, Archie’s Fun House, Hong Kong Phooey, Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour

Bretislav Pojar, 89, stop-motion director, The Lion and the Song, The Bear

Buzz Potamkin, 66, TV animation producer, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Cow and Chicken

Al Rio, 49, comic-book artist, Gen and DV8, animation director, Disney’s Aladdin TV series

Geri Rochon, 62, animation supervisor, The Angry Beavers, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

Ken Sansom, 85, voice of Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh movies and TV series, 1988-2007

Maurice Sendak, 83, author/producer, Where the Wild Things Are, Little Bear, George and Martha, Seven Little Monsters, Really Rosie

Mel Shaw, 97, Disney animator, visual development artist, Fantasia, Bambi, The Wind in the Willows, The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective

Robert B. Sherman, 87,  songwriter, Mary Poppins, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book

Jose Silverio, storyboard revisionist/animation checker Dora the Explorer, The Ren & Stimpy Show,

Marcia Sinclair, 89, inker/painter, The Prince and the Pauper, Animation Guild board member

Dan Thompson, animation director/producer, G.I. Joe, Rugrats, Jem, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Tiny Toon Adventures, As Told By Ginger

Ken Walker, 91, animator, The Prince and The Pauper, Cool World, The Great Grape Ape Show

Manon Washburn, 89, ink & paint artist, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Bravestarr: The Legend, The Secret of NIMH, Snoopy Come Home, Wizards

Run Wrake, 49, animator/director, Rabbit, Stop for a Minute

(Thanks to Tom Sito and Jerry Beck for helping us with this list.)

In Memoriam: 2012

In Memoriam: 2012


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