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Market Showcase: Anima Kitchent

Market Showcase

Market Showcase: Anima Kitchent

Ánima Kitchent is a new company incorporated in Spain by Mexico’s Ánima Estudios, which boasts over 15 years’ experience in the animation sector, and part of the management team from Vodka Capital.

Ánima Kitchent is currently focusing on two main brands: ‘PINY, (PinyPon Institute of New York)’ (52X11′)­–a show about fashion and ‘life style’ that is targeted at 6-8-year-old girls, co-produced by renowned Spanish toy manufacturer Famosa—and ‘La Familia Telerín,’ a reboot of an iconic brand that returns with a revamped image, new contents and an ambitious international strategy.

Ánima Estudios is Latin America’s top animation studio. Founded in 2002, Ánima Studios has produced several feature films, including the box office record-breakers “Top Cat: The Movie,” “La leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato ” and “Guardianes de Oz.” The studio also produces a host of successful TV, including ‘El Chavo’ and ‘Generación Fairytale.’

What is Ánima Kitchent’s mission?

We aim to become a leading operator in the creation and production of contents focusing on children and youth markets. Ánima Kitchent combines creative skills and production abilities with a strategic vision that turns contents into international brands.

Ánima Kitchent spearheads both the creative and business elements of a project to ensure that it has the potential to become an international cross-platform entertainment brand.

Victor M. López - Ánima Kitchent CEO

Victor M. López – Ánima Kitchent CEO

Building entertainment brands.

The current market situation requires brands to explore a series of market windows. The Ánima Kitchent team has extensive experience in the creation of transmedia narratives, i.e. in producing contents that adapt to each market window: TV, Youtube, Apps, Web, video games… based on a story specific to each of these platforms.

Ánima Kitchent contents go hand in hand with a brand strategy that facilitates their commercial use through Licensing and Marketing agreements in as many countries as possible.

ÁnimaKitchent’s strong points.

Ánima Kitchent’s experience combines talent management, brand strategy definition and the creation and development of content that integrates both social and financial partners. It can be broken down into four key points:

  • Creative development: creative development is the cornerstone of our contents and the foundation of the strategy of any production company. We try to apply a concept that we call “Smart Creativity” and we establish creative frameworks considering the following steps: strategy, internationality, cost and profit. We also take into account transmedia narratives, i.e. new outlets and platforms: TV, Youtube, Apps, Netflix, video games, etc.
  • Strategic design: we aim for content that will resonate with an international audience, even when presenting a local story, by using values that can be recognized all around the world. We also focus on establishing our products as entertainment brands.
  • Finance model: we find the most appropriate fit for each project. Aside from financing our content, we expect our partners to add value beyond their production investment, such as toy manufacturers, digital platforms, publishing companies, etc. In other words, we team up with industry partners that will also benefit from the intrinsic value of the project.
  • Business viability: every project needs to be economically viable. With that in mind, we try to optimize our ROI possibilities, seeking the most appropriate uses and the best investment optimization options. We design business plans on a project-by-project basis, outlining specific economic goals.

Ánima Kitchent’s Projects.



  • Title: Piny
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Duration: 52X11′
  • Description: Set in an exclusive NY institute specializing in design, fashion and new professions, the show follows Michelle and her fashionista friends on thrilling adventures, as they learn how to deal with love, friendship, jealousy and fashion and design.
Cleo Telerin

Cleo Telerin

  • Title: Cleo Telerin
  • Genre: Comedy, adventures and music
  • Duration: 52X7′
  • Description: Cleo will wake up every day eager to make her dream come true. A small conflict, a game or an activity will take her to realize it sometimes unintentionally.


  • Title: Bugsted
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 52X7′
  • Description: Emo, Vertigo, Montana, Panzer and Sharky could be the names of the new Power Rangers, the A-Team or even the latest installment of X-Men, but our Bugsted are too stupid even to be superheroes and risk their lives to save a planet as depressing as Earth.

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