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International Education & Career Guide

Academy of Art University - San Francisco, CA
Phone: (800) 544-2787
Fax: (415) 628-6287

Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Lafayette, LA | Seattle, WA
Phone: LA: (337) 456-1848; WA: (206) 428-6350
Fax: LA: (337) 232-0790; WA: (206) 428-6354

The Animation Academy Burbank, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 848-6590
Certificates offered: Character Design, Visual Development, StorySketch. Fast-track programs available for Certificate students (completion in less than one year).
Number of animation students: 75
Cost of program: $495 for first class, $395 to continue
Head of animation & admissions: Charles Zembillas
Time of year offered: Year-round, bi-monthly semesters
Application deadline: New students accepted monthly
Notes: The Animation Academy has been a leader in art education or animation since 1998. We're located in the heart of capital of the industry in Burbank, California. We focus on developing strong artistic fundamentals as they apply to animation especially in the areas of Character Design, Production Design and Intellectual Property Development. Many of our students have gone on to great creative success and are at the top of the field. We are certified by the CSATTF for vocational training with four unions in the Entertainment Industry. Short term classes with intensive training means you can progress rapidly with your art. Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to discuss getting you to the next level of your creative excellence.

The Animation Collaborative - Emeryville, CA, USA

The Art Institutes - Campuses nationwide
Phone: (888) 624-0300

The Bakshi School - Silver City, NM, USA
Phone: (575) 534-9291

Bloomfield College - Bloomfeld, NJ, USA
Phone: (973) 748-9000

Boston University - Waltham, MA, USA

Center for Digital Arts
Phone: (781) 209-1700

Brigham Young University - Provo, UT, USA
Phone: (801) 422-1825
Degrees offered: BFA in Animation
Number of animation students: 90
Cost of program: $2,600-$5,200 per semester
Head of animation & admissions: Kelli Loosli
Time of year offered: Semesters starting in Fall
Application deadline: April 1
Equipment available: Three computer labs with workstation machines and Cintiqs running a full complement of 2D and 3D software. Traditional Animation lab with lighttables and pencil test stations

California College of the Arts - San Francisco & Oakland, CA, USA
Phone: SF (415) 703-9500, Oakland (510) 594-3600; (800)447-1ART

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) - Valencia, CA, USA
Phone: (661) 255-1050
Fax: (661) 253-7710
Degrees/Certificates offered: BFA and Certifcate in Character Animation; BFA, MFA, Certifcate and Advanced Certifcate in Experimental Animation
Number of animation students: Character - 165; Experimental - 86
Cost of program: 2015 tuition - $43,400
Head of animation: Maija Burnett (Character), Maureen Furniss (Experimental)
Head of admissions: Molly Ryan
Time of year offered: September through May
Application deadline: Preferred - December; Regular - January (see website)
Equipment available: Equipment Cage offers a range of film and digital equipment, from underwater camera systems to portable digital stop-motion kits, allowing students to shoot on the school's production stages, in front of a green-screen, at home or on location. The Equipment Cage features digital and film cameras, lighting kits, microphones, digital sound recorders, stereoscopic systems and installation equipment. School facilities also include 2D and 3D animation computer labs, stopmotion shooting stages, sound recording and mix theaters, a multimedia lab, installation gallery space, production sound stages and post-production edit suites.

California State University Fullerton - Fullerton, CA, USA
Phone: (657) 278-3471
Degrees offered: BFA Entertainment Art - Animation; BFA Illustration; MA Illustration; MFA Illustration
Number of animation students: About 560
Cost of program: $2,736 per semester
Head of animation: Chuck Grieb
Head of admissions: Jessica Wagoner (Dir. of Admissions)
Time of year offered: Fall and Spring
Application deadline: November 30th
Equipment available: Equipment available: Traditional and digital studios. Entertainment Art/Animation and Illustration makes use of three high end Mac Pro labs with 22" HD Cintiqs; a fourth Mac Pro lab (sans Cintiqs)is shared with Photography. Available in the labs is Adobe CC software (also available to students for free to download for home use), Corel Painter, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, ZBrush, Nuke, Arnold, Shotgun, etc. Eight pencil test stations, large format scanners, a sound recording space, and numerous animation drawing desks available in the animation labs. Traditional illustration and drawing labs provide drawing stations, easels, etc. In addition to free access to Adobe CC, CSUF students are all also provided with a free subscription to A set of lights, grip equipment, camera, and computer is available for check out to support Stop Motion Animation projects.
Notes: The Mission of the Entertainment Art/Animation program is to provide students with conceptual understanding, technical skills, practical experience, and opportunities to explore the art of animation; to be successful entertainers, communicators and storytellers with a focus on character animation." Our alumni are working in various entertainment industries. We have alum animating at Electronic Arts, working for Pandemic Studios, Blizzard, Activision, Obsidian Entertainment, Sony Games, and various other game studios. We have or have had alum working for DreamWorks Feature Animation, Disney Feature Animation, Blue Sky, PIXAR, Paramount Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Nickelodeon, Film Roman, Cartoon Network, Disney TV Animation, Lucas Films, etc. We have a great relationship with Nickelodeon, as evidenced by the recent CSUF pitch contest they sponsored, the Nickelodeon Master Class, Sanjay and Craig art show, and ongoing projects we are developing with the studio. We have been chosen to participate in DreamWorks DreamCrit experience, have been selected by Sony Picture Imageworks to be a part of their IPAX program, and have worked directly with Autodesk (creators of Maya software) in designing and implementing 3D Digital curriculum.

California State University, Northridge - Northridge, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 677-2242
Degrees offered: BA, BFA, MA, MFA
Number of animation students: 120
Cost of program: $6,564 per year undergraduate tuition
Head of animation & admissions: Mark Farquhar
Time of year offered: Fall, Spring
Application deadline: January 29, 2016
Equipment available: Mac platform computer stations with drawing tablets/Cintiqs in two dedicated Animation computer labs
Notes: We offer a comprehensive foundation in 2D, 3D, VFX and Game animation. Our campus is located in a close proximity to the major LA studios. Our Faculty are all industry experienced. CSUN Animation concentration also boasts two student clubs: Animation Students League of Northridge and our new Game Animation Club. Clubs are faculty advised, and student run. Throughout the year, our students participate in industry events and are encouraged to participate in internships before graduating.

Cañada College - Redwood City, CA, USA
Phone: (650) 306-3330

Centre for Digital Media - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: (778) 370-1001
Fax: (778) 370-1020
Degrees offered: Master of Digital Media
Number of animation students: 55
Cost of program: $35,951.24
Head of animation: Richard Smith
Head of admissions: Yasmeen Awadh
Time of year offered: September
Application deadline: February 15
Notes: Guided by top-level faculty and industry mentors, students work closely with clients and peers on team-based, industry supported digital media projects.This experience allows graduates the know-how and confidence to work at the highest level across all sectors as creators, producers, innovators or entrepreneurs.

Centre NAD - Montreal, QC, Canada

Universite de Quebec a Chicoutimi
Phone: (514) 288-3447 x 415
Fax: (514) 288-5799

Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts - Orange, CA, USA
Phone: (714) 997-6885
Fax: (714) 997-6885
Degrees offered: BFA in Digital Arts
Number of animation students: 110
Cost of program: $46,500 per year plus course fees
Head of animation: Bill Kroyer (Prof., Director, Digital Arts Program)
Head of animation: Lauren Kacura (Asst. Director of Admissions)
Time of year offered: Spring and Fall
Application deadline: Spring regular admission: Oct. 15; Fall admission: Freshman Early Action (non-binding): Nov. 1, Freshman Regular Admission: Jan. 15, Transfer Regular Admission: March 15
Equipment available: Animation Lab features a 4K workflow. Each of the 24 stations has a traditional backlit animation disc with ACME pegs and adjustable board, as well as a 22HD Cintiq tablet on adjustable arm, usable as a drawing board or monitor. The instructor has a Cintiq, software for doing interactive "dailies" on student tests, a 2K projector for reviews. Students have 24/7 access (with online reservation capability) for 10 individual private study suites, each equipped with larger Cintiqs, dual monitors, stereo speakers for premixing, flatbed scanners, and "down shooter" camera stands for 2D animation tests. The Digital Media Arts Center (DMAC), opened in 2014, has a 4K projection 110-seat theater, a VFX lab with dual monitors and 4K stereoscopic workflow, an insert stage for motion capture and green-screen work, and a North-lit art studio with benches, sink, and model stand. Industry standard animation software packages, including Maya, 3DS Max, Toon Boom,AfterEffects, MARI, and Nuke among others.
Notes: Dodge College considers its industry connections to be the most "cutting edge" advantage our students enjoy. Students have toured most major facilities, including Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, ILM, Blizzard, Activision, etc. Dodge College hosts the industry's top talent almost weekly, featuring lectures and presentations of unreleased material and personal interaction with the students. That list includes Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, John Musker, Ron Clements, Glen Keane, Andreas Dejas, Rob Minkoff, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders, Mark Andrews, Don Hahn, Randy Cook and Eric Goldberg. We host an open house for prospective students in the fall as well as host tours of our facilities throughout the year Monday-Friday. In our review process, we weigh the portfolio materials very heavily, but also evaluate whether applicants are a good ft for the overall University. We have a comprehensive resource of admission information on our website:

Clemson University Digital Production Arts - Clemson, SC, USA
Degrees offered: Master of Fine Arts in Digital Production Arts
Number of animation students: 30
Cost of program: $17,600
Head of animation & admissions: Victor Zordan
Time of year offered: Fall
Application deadline: January 15
Equipment available: DPA screening room houses a cinema grade Christie projector and computers. The multipurpose DPA studio holds 21 high powered dual-screen workstations, a 14 camera Vicon motion-capture system, and a green-screen area. The DPA classroom and workroom holds additional workstations and a collection of Cintiq tablets. Also available to DPA students are Wacom tablets, Oculus Development Kit and Leap sensors, professional DSLR cameras, camcorders, and a large movie library.See for more information.
Notes: DPA is excited to announce the expansion of its MFA program, to be housed in the Zucker Family Graduate Education Center in Charleston, South Carolina. The facility, currently under construction near Clemson University's Restoration Institute (CURI) campus in the south end of the former Naval Base, is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2016, and to begin offering DPA MFA program in fall of 2016. For more information, please visit

Cleveland Institute of Art - Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216) 421-7000

Cogswell Polytechnical College - San Jose, CA, USA
Phone: (800) 264-7955
Degrees/Certificates offered: BA concentrations in 3D Animation, 3D Modeling and Entertainment Design. BS in Digital Arts Engineering. WASC accredited.
Number of animation students: Aprox. 150
Cost of program: $685 per unit
Head of animation: Karen Keister
Head of admissions: Aaron Kark
Time of year offered: Fall, Winter, Summer
Application deadline: Open Enrollment
Equipment available: Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Toon Boom, AV Tools and coordinated projects across art and engineering teams.

College Boréal - Sudbury, ON
Phone: (705) 560-6673, (800) 361-6673
Fax: (705) 560-1511

College of DuPage - Glen Ellyn, IL, USA
Phone: (630) 942-2000
Degrees/Certificates offered: AAS Degree in Animation, Certifcate in Animation
Number of animation students: 100
Cost of program: About $3,000 per semester average
Head of animation: Tony Venezia
Head of admissions: Earl Dowling
Time of year offered: Year-round
Application deadline: Spring or Fall term enrollments
Equipment available: Permanently installed 27' x 12' green screen in a dedicated studio. About 70 Mac computers with Adobe CC 2015, Cinema4D, Maya, and 3D Studio Max. Six edit bays, 50 DSLR cameras, tripods, etc.; three Lunchboxes, three traditional animation work stations with computers and cameras, studio and location audio equipment, lighting equipment.
Notes: Our focus is giving our students a strong foundation in the concepts and skills required to either transfer to a four year institution or an entry level position in the feld of animation. Our graduates have been accepted to schools like DePaul University, CalArts, Columbia College, Chicago, USC, SCAD, and others

Columbia College Interactive Arts & Media - Chicago, IL, USA
Phone: (312) 369-7130

Columbus College of Art & Design - Columbus, OH, USA
Phone: (614) 224-9101

DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media - Chicago, IL, USA
Phone: (312) 362-8714
Fax: (312) 362-5185

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Redmond, WA, USA
Phone: (866) 478-5236
Fax: (425) 558-0378
Degrees/Certificates offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, BS in Computer Science and Game Design, BS in Computer Engineering, BS in Engineering and Sound Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts
Number of animation students: 236
Cost of program: $31,600 per year (international undergraduate student, 16-22 credits per semester); $28,800 per year (domestic undergraduate student, 16-22 credits per semester)
Head of animation: Jazno Francoeur
Head of admissions: Danial Powers
Time of year offered: Fall semester entry
Application deadline: Rolling admissions (graduate applications accepted until July 1 of intended start year)
Equipment available: Traditional and digital art labs. Software includes Maya, Flash, Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, Harmony (Toon Boom), DigiCel, Shave and a Haircut, Unity, Unreal, Zero Engine, Muster, After Effects, Premiere, Nuke, ZBrush, Substance Designer, and Substance Painter.

The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School (DAVE School) - Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 224-3283
Fax: (407) 224-5648

Digital Media Arts College - Boca Raton, FL, USA
Phone: (561) 391-1148
Fax: (561) 998-3430

Donna Grillo Voiceover Services - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (323) 684-5005
Courses offered: Animation/Games Voiceover Acting for adults and youth, Commercial Voiceover Acting for adults and youth
Number of animation students: Up to 12 per class
Cost of program: $400 per four week cycle
Head of admissions: Donna Grillo
Time of year offered: Year-round, monthly classes
Application deadline: Wait list
Equipment available: Professional recording studio

East Los Angeles College - Monterey Park, CA, USA
Phone: (323) 265-8650
Degrees/Certificates offered: Associate of Art and Certifcate programs in Animation; classes can be taken individually
Cost of program: About $46 per unit
Head of animation: Michael Libonati
Time of year offered: Fall and Spring semester
Application deadline: Rolling
Equipment available: Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Adobe Creative Suite, Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, Wacom tablets,large and small format printers.
Notes: East Los Angeles College is developing a new cost effective way to train for animation and build portfolios and short films during the time students take classes

Edinboro University - Edinboro, PA, USA
Phone: (814) 732-2000
Degrees offered: BFA in Art, concentration in Traditional Animation, concentration in Computer Animation
Number of animation students: 180
Cost of program: $4,757 per semester (tuition and fees, in state); $5,087 per semester (tuition and fees, out of state)
Head of animation: Michael Genz
Head of admissions: Melissa Manning
Time of year offered: Fall and Spring
Application deadline: Rolling
Equipment available: 25-seat computer animation lab (PC:Maya, Max, XSI, Adobe Suite), 20-seat editing lab (Mac: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite), 24-seat Cintiq lab (Mac: Toon Boom, Adobe Suite), 20-seat traditional animation lab (drawing light desks, Mac based down shooters with Flipbook, Adobe Suite), 15-seat traditional animation lab (drawing light desks, Mac based down shooters with Flipbook, Adobe Suite), four stop-motion animation shooting stages (Mac: Dragonframe, Adobe Suite)

Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 844-3800, (800) 832-7788

Ex'pression College - Emeryville, CA, USA
Phone: (877) 833-8800

Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 217-7999
Degrees/Certificates offered: BFA Computer Animation & Interactive Media (2 years), Associates Degree required
Number of animation students: 48
Cost of program: Instate Tuition $6,470 per year. Out of State Tuition $19,592.
Head of animation: Terry Blum
Head of admissions: Magda Francois
Time of year offered: Fall
Application deadline: January 1
Equipment available: HP Z640 Dual Processor Workstations, Render Farm, Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Entertainment Suite, Avid MC, Toon Boom, Pixologic ZBrush, 3D Printing, Unity, Processing, Arduino, Kinect, dedicated labs & production studios

Ferris State University - Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Phone: (616) 451-4777
Fax: (616) 451-4720

Forsyth Technical Community College - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Phone: (336) 734-7342
Fax: (336) 734-7352
Degrees/Certificates offered: Associate of Applied Science in Digital Effects and Animation; Certifcate in Game Design
Number of animation students: 71
Cost of program: In-state: $76 per credit hour; out-of-state: $268 per credit hour
Head of animation: Herb Burns
Head of admissions: Heather Azzue
Time of year offered: Fall semester entry
Application deadline: Summer
Equipment available: Two animation studio labs, storyboard pin up room, green-screen TV studio, six sound recording studios.
Notes: Digital Effects & Animation (DEA) Program frst U.S. community college named Toon Boom Centre of Excellence

Full Sail University - Winter Park, FL, USA
Phone: (800) 226-7625, (407) 679-6333

Gnomon - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (323) 466-6663
Certificates offered: Certifcate of completion for two-year and three year full-time programs.
Number of animation students: 15-20
Cost of program: $4,051 to $9,261 per term. Financial Aid available.
Head of animation: Mauricio Hoffman
Head of admissions: Hannah Webb
Time of year offered: Quarterly
Application deadline: Quarterly
Equipment available: Over 150 high-end PC stations with 27" monitors, four drawing classrooms, a sculpture studio, a 70-ft. green-screen, equipment available for check-out, and various campus amenities on site.

Grossmont College - El Cajon, CA, USA

Digital Art Program
Phone: (619) 644-7000

The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University - Plano, TX, USA
Phone: (214) 768-4278

Hampshire College - Amherst, MA, USA
Phone: (413) 559-5471, (877) 937-4267

Laguna College of Art + Design - Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Phone: (949) 376-6000
Fax: (949) 715-8084
Degrees/Certificates offered: Certifcate / Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Design + Digital Media, Drawing + Painting, Game Art, Illustration. Master of Fine Art in Drawing, Painting, The Art of Game.
Number of animation students: 145
Cost of program: $28,950 per year
Head of animation: David Kuhn
Head of admissions: Christopher Brown
Time of year offered: Fall and Spring
Application deadline: August 1
Equipment available:
Notes: Our character animation program is dedicated to training exceptional flmmakers and storytellers. Students develop their abilities in traditional animation with classic artistic skills then apply that knowledge to the latest digital tools. The faculty at LCAD is made of experienced industry professionals who help our students bring their characters to life in their own unique styles

Lansing Community College - Lansing, MI, USA
Phone: (517) 483-1957; (800) 644-4522

Lesley University - Cambridge, MA, USA
Phone: (617) 349-8800

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art - Van Nuys, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 708-9232

The Los Angeles Film School - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (323) 860-0789
Degrees offered: Bachelor of Science in: Animation & Visual Effects; Digital Filmmaking; Film Production; Entertainment Business. Associate of Science in: Computer Animation; Music Production; Recording Arts; Film.
Number of animation students: 121
Cost of program: AS Computer Animation: $44,170; BS Animation & VFX: $76,520
Head of admissions: Brian Belliveau
Time of year offered: Monthy
Application deadline: Year-round open enrollment
Equipment available: Each student provided with a laptop and software package including Adobe Creative Suite, ZBrush and Microsoft Offce.
Notes: Located in the heart of Hollywood, our animation students gain access to industrystandard tools including Wacom Cintiq tablet displays over the course of their curriculum. We host special screenings and Q&A's in our 347-seat THX Certifed theatre. Some of our special guests include Inside Out writer Megan LeFauve, Up director Pete Docter, and Frozen co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (310) 258-7200

The Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television Tisch School of the Arts New York University - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 998-1779
Fax: (212) 995-4062

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design - Toronto, ON, Canada
Phone: (416) 703-6877
Fax: (416) 703-3930
Degrees/Certificates offered: Diploma in: Classical and Computer Animation & Production; Illustration for Sequential Arts; Comic Books & Graphic Novels; Concept Art for Video Games and Animation. Certifcate in: Traditional Fine Art Skills & Portfolio Development.
Head of animation: Tina Seemann
Head of admissions: Maxine Schacker
Time of year offered: September-May
Equipment available: Computers

Minneapolis College of Art and Design - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Phone: (612) 874-3700; toll free (800) 874-6223

New York Film Academy - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 674-4300
Fax: (212) 477-1414

Otis College of Art and Design - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (310) 665-6800, (800) 527-6847

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design - Lancaster, PA, USA
Phone: (800) 689-0379
Fax: (717) 396-1339

Philadelphia University - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Phone: (215) 951-2800, (800) 951-7287

Platt College - San Diego, CA, USA
Phone: (866) 752-8826

Pratt Institute - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (718) 636-3600

Rhode Island School of Design - Providence, RI, USA
Phone: (401) 454-6100, (800) 364-RISD

Ringling College of Art and Design - Sarasota, FL, USA
Phone: (941) 351-5100

Rochester Institute of Technology College of Imaging Arts & Sciences - Rochester, NY, USA
Phone: (585) 475-6175

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design - Denver, CO, USA
Phone: (303) 753-6046, (800) 888-ARTS

San Francisco State University - San Francisco, CA, USA
Phone: (415) 817-4230

San Jose State University - San Jose, CA, USA
Phone: (408) 924-4340
Degrees offered: BFA Animation, Illustration
Number of animation students:
Cost of program: 466
Head of animation: David Chai
Application deadline: Fall admissions only
Equipment available: PC & Mac computer labs, Cintiqs, pencil test labs

Santa Monica College Design Technology Department - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Phone: (310) 434-3700

SCAD - Atlanta & Savannah, GA, USA;Hong Kong
Phone: (800) 869-7223
Certificates offered: BFA, MFA, MA
Number of animation students: 1,000
Cost of program: $34,470 undergraduate; $35,325 graduate
Head of animation: Tina O'Hailey, Scott Bogoniewski
Head of admissions: Philip Alletto, David Pugh
Time of year offered: Year-round
Application deadline: Rolling Admissions
Equipment available: Software: Adobe CS5, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk MotionBuilder. Scripting taught in both majors using Python and MEL. Facilities: Vicon Blade motion-capture studio, dedicated Cintiq homework labs, Maker lab for fabrication with 3D printing and soldering stations, recording stage with 12-bay Foley stage, recording booth and isolation booth in view of a 20-seat classroom and Pro Tools sound board; Avid editing classroom; TV and flm studio with green-screen synch wall, professor's projector and freight elevator for large sets. Animation specifc software: Dragonflame, Shotgun, Toon Boom Harmony, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. Facilities: 45 traditional drawing desks, stopmotion fabrication room and shooting stages (10 at Savannah, six at Atlanta), Stratasys fused deposition printer and PolyJet 3D printer
Notes: The Art of Animation: 2D. 3D. Stop-motion. Digital modeling. Rigging. Lighting. Look development. As an animation student at SCAD, you will master it all. We give you the opportunity to collaborate with and take electives in other majors, such as visual effects, motion media, interactive design and game development, sound design, film and television, and sequential art. The result? You graduate as a dynamic, multifaceted animator, extremely marketable and ready to take the industry by storm. SCAD offers accredited B.F.A., M.A. and M.F.A. degrees in animation, available in Atlanta, Hong Kong, Savannah and online via eLearning.

School of Visual Arts - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 592-2100

School of Visual Arts Division of Continuing Education - New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 592-2050
Program: Individual courses only.
Cost of program: Fall, Spring & Summer semesters

Seneca College - Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 491-5050

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning - Oakville, ON, Canada
Phone: (905) 845-9430
Degrees/Certificates offered: Bachelor of Animation, Computer Animation postgraduate certifcate, Computer Animation - Digital Creature postgraduate certifcate, Visual Effects postgraduate certifcate.
Number of animation students: Degree - 559; Post-Grad - 78
Cost of program: Degree - $25,455; Post-Grad - $21,897 to $22,295
Head of animation: Angela Stukator
Head of admissions: June Cupido
Time of year offered: Degree - Fall; Computer Animation - Fall & Winter
Application deadline: February 1, 2016
Equipment available: Maya, Toon Boom, Adobe Suite, ZBrush, Houdini, Cintiqs, PCs, stopmotion studio, sound studios.

Silver Drawing Academy - Sun Valley, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 773-2440

Smorgasbord Productions Animation Collaboration - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (213) 925-9918

Studio Arts - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: (323) 227-8776

Think Tank Training Centre - North Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 990-8265, (888) 990-8265

The University of the Arts - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Phone: (215) 717-6049, (800) 616-ARTS

University of California Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA, USA

School of Theater, Film and Television Animation Workshop
Phone: (310) 206-8441

University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL, USA

School of Visual Arts & Design
Phone: (407) 823-2676
Fax: (407) 823-6470

University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA, USA

School of Cinematic Arts John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts
Phone: (213) 821-4396
Fax: (213) 740-5869
Degrees offered: BA Animation & Digital Arts, MFA Animation & Digital Arts, Minor Animation & Digital Arts, Minor Science Visualization, Minor in Games & Animation (IMGD SCA), iMAP Interdivisional Media Arts & Practice PhD (interdivisional)
Number of animation students: 150
Cost of program: Undergraduate: $43,722 per year; Graduate $26,117* per year (*three year grad program)
Head of animation: Tom Sito (Chair)
Head of admissions: Shahla Rahimzadeh (Dir. of Admissions)
Time of year offered: Fall admission
Application deadline: Freshman (first year) applicants - December 1; Graduate applicants - November 15, Transfer Applicants - February 1
Equipment available: Hench-DADA majors get 24/7, year round access to facilities and permanent cubicle space with HP workstations, Cintiq and Wacom tablets for BA Seniors and MFA Majors (cubicle for full three years). Facilities for traditional animation and well as stop-motion stages. Software: Autodesk Suite-Maya, Mudbox, Motion Builder, XSI, entire Adobe CS6 Design and Production suite, TVPaint, Toon Boom Animation Pro, Nuke, GenArts Plug-ins, Blender, Houdini, Mari, Massive, ZBrush, Vicon Blade, Frame Forge PreViz Studio, RenderMan, V-Ray, Unity, Inno Setup 5, CVSNT, TortoiseCVS, Unreal Development Kit, Microsoft Offce, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, S3D, Screen Capture. Occulus VR.Facilities: Theaters & screening rooms (9); professional grade sound mixing & music scoring stages (7); Foley stage; ADR – Automatic Dialogue Replacement stage; professional grade sound editing suites (9); intro/intermediate/advanced editing labs (8); color correction stations (4); film & television stages (8); motion-capture stage; production equipment center; sound equipment room; production equipment center; use of one of the only privately owned IMAX theaters. Animation studios (4), state of the art motion-capture facility with Vicon Blade software and inner sense camera system; 3x Stereoscopic theaters and research lab; virtual real time studio for compositing real or CG characters into a real or digitally created set; new VR courses using Oculus.
Notes: USC School of Cinematic Arts is Hollywood's Original Home Room, the oldest film school in the world. USC has given courses in animation since 1933. But we pride ourselves on offering the latest state of the art new technologies. Animation students not only have access to our top teachers and facilities, but collaborations with the live action film courses, the Interactive school, the Thornton School of Music and the Kaufman School of Dance.

Vancouver Film School - Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 685-5830, (800) 661-4104

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 682-2787
Fax: (604) 684-2789
Degrees/Certificates offered: One-year diplomas and oneweek summer intensives: 2D/3D Character Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects for Film & Television (see website for complete list)
Number of animation students: 40
Cost of program: Canadians: $25,750 CAD - $31,750 CAD; International: From $29,750 CAD - $35,750 CAD
Head of animation: Wayne Gilbert
Head of admissions: Nancy Hu
Time of year offered: March and September
Application deadline: Rolling admissions (4-6 months before start date prefered)
Equipment available: Students in all programs have their own personal workstation for the year. Animation Program: Maya, Toon Boom Harmony, Yiynona tablets, animation desks, pencil test & scanning station, sound booth. Game Art & Design: Maya, ZBrush, Unity, Unreal, MotionBuilder, Facial Motion Capture Visual Effects: Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Katana, Renderman, VRay, green-screen, DSLR cameras/camera rigs, lighting, studio space.

Webster University School of Communications - St. Louis, MO, USA
Phone: (314) 968-7154
Fax: (314) 963-6924

Woodbury University - Burbank, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 252-5149
Fax: (818) 394-3305
Degrees offered: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Animation
Number of animation students: 73
Cost of program: $35,808
Head of animation: Dori Littell-Herrick
Head of admissions: Ashraf Zawaideh
Time of year offered: Fall and Spring semesters
Application deadline: Rolling admission with priority deadlines: Fall, March 1 and Spring, November 1
Equipment available: Students are supplied with the tools to develop hand-drawn, computergenerated and stop-motion projects. Dedicated studio space is provided for third and fourth year students. Interdisciplinary projects with the departments of Filmmaking, Game and Media Technology are encouraged.

The Animation Workshop - Viborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 8755-4900
Fax: +45 8755-4901
Degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts in: Character Animation; CG Arts; Graphic Storytelling
Number of animation students: 200
Cost of program: Approx. $14,350 (for materials)
Head of animation: Morten Thorning (General Director)
Head of admissions: Michelle Nardone (Dir. of Bachelor Education)
Time of year offered: Summer
Application deadline: March 15
Equipment available: Animation drawing board, various pencils, pens, brushes and paper, various textbooks and readers, sketch books, peg bars, and the use of Maya, various Adobe programs, Manga Studio, printers, Wacom tablets, etc.

ArtFX School
Phone: +33 04 99 77 01 42
Fax: N/A
Degrees offered: Digital Director Diploma (Master's degree equivalent) - Specializations: VFX, 3D animation, CGI, Game Design, Game Art
Professional Certification - Specializations: Game Design, Game Art, VFX / Game Programming
Number of Students in animation program: 50
Cost of Program: Digital Director & Video Game Courses - 1st year: 6800 €, 2nd to 5th year: 7 800 € / year. VFX / Game Programming Course: 1st & 2nd years: 7800 € / year
Head of animation: Jerome Duraud (
Head of admissions: Carine Poussou (
Time of year offered: September to June
Application deadline: Early September
Equipment available: Exclusive partnerships with software companies give us access the most advanced software and plugins: Houdini, Affinity Photo, Maya, Nuke, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Arnold, etc. A filming studio with a cyclorama green screen, a camera crane, steadicam, dolly tracks, HD video cameras, a drone, projectors, flashes and lighting accessories, professional sound recording equipment, digital cameras, and more) thanks to partnerships with: Nikon, Canon, Leica, Broncolor.

Arts University Bournemouth - Poole, Dorset, U.K
Phone: +44 1202-533-011
Fax: +44 1202 537 729

Ballyfermot College of Further Education - Dublin, Ireland
Phone: 00353 1 626 9421
Fax: 00353 1 626 6754

Bucks New University - Buckinghamshire, U.K
Phone: +44 (0) 1494-522-141

Centro Universidad de Tecnologia y Arte Digtal (U-TAD) Partnered with Ilion Animation Studio - Madrid, Spain
Phone: 900-373-379

Filmakademie BadenWuerttemberg Institute of Animation - Ludwigsburg, Germany
Phone: +49 7141 96982800
Degrees/Certificates offered: Within the subject area Animation, students can choose one of the following specializations: Animation/Effects Directing, Character Animation, Concept Artist, Effects Artist, Animation/Effects Producing, Technical Directing. Students of Interactive Media can choose between three specializations: Transmedia/Games Artist, Transmedia/Games Directing, Transmedia/Games Producing.
Number of animation students: 130 in Animation and Interactive Media
Cost of program: Service fee of about 140 Euro per semester
Head of animation: Prof. Andreas Hykade (Dir., Institute of Animation), Prof. Inga von Staden (supervising professor for Interactive Media)
Time of year offered: Fall semester start, September
Application deadline: Basic studies: February 15; Advanced or project-based studies: May 15
Equipment available: The Institute of Animation offers facilities equipped with state of the art technology. All students have their own work stations which are provided with all current tools as well as special projectbased solutions. Students at the Institute are able to make use, among others, of a digital screening room equipped with 3D Stereo and an Optitrec Motion Capture- and NCam-System. Furthermore, they have access to the Filmakademie's entire infrastructure which includes a digital 4-K cinema ftted with a Dolby Atmos sound system.

Link Campus University Vigamus Academy - Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 366-4139390
Degrees offered: One-year Master Degree in 2D Animation Paperless Artist
Number of animation students: 14 to 20
Cost of program: 6,000 Euros
Head of animation: Maurizio Forestieri
Head of admissions: Maurizio Forestieri, Sabrina Perucca
Time of year offered: March - December
Application deadline: February
Equipment available: Wacom, 2D animation programs, Toon Boom Harmony.

Luca School of Arts - Genk, Belgium
Phone: +32 89 30 08 50

Met Film School - London, U.K.
Phone: +44 20 8280 9119

National Film School Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology - Dublin, Ireland
Phone: 00353 1 2394000
Fax: 00353 1 2394700
Degrees offered: BA (Honours) in Animation, Level 8 Award
Number of animation students: 120
Cost of program: 3,000 Euro per academic year
Head of animation: Mr. Keith Foran (Animation Program Chair)
Head of admissions: Mr. Eoin Kelly (
Time of year offered: September through May
Application deadline: January 31 for year 1. March 31 for direct entry year 2,3,4
Equipment available: The NFS Animation Programme is equipped with the latest equipment and Software platforms. Full traditional animation drawing studios as well as 3D computer labs. A full 30 seat year 4 Cintiq studio. Greenscreen studio, full HD TV studio. Stop-motion shooting stages. Life drawing studio
Notes: IADT is the only Irish full member of the Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision (CILECT), the International Association of Film and Television Schools. IADT is a member of ETNA. The European Training Network for Animation Schools.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide & Perth, Australia

CG Protege Animation School - Singapore
Phone: +65 6473-7502
Fax: +65 6795-4961

De La Salle College of Saint Benilde - Manila, Philippines
Phone: (632) 230-5100

Griffith University - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Phone: +67 7 3735 7111

iNurture Education Solutions - Multiple Campuses, India
Phone: (800) 103-9703

Lasalle College of the Arts - Singapore
Phone: +65 6496-5111

Media Design School - Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-303-0402
Fax: +64 9 303 0646

Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Film & Media Studios - Singapore
Phone: +65 64608430

Savannah College of Art and Design - Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2253-8000

Swinburne University of Technology - Melbourne, Australia | Sarawak, Malaysia
Phone: +61 3 9214 8000

Animation Campus - Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: +598 2712-6799

Art & Cia Animation School - Meireles, Brazil
Phone: +55 85-3023-7201

BIOS - Montevideo, Uruguay

School of Design & Communication
Phone: +598 27103373

Duoc University Chile - Santiago, Chile
Phone: 800-215-001

ORT University Uruguay - Montevideo, Uruguay

School of Communication & Design
Phone: +598 2902-1505

Westbridge University - Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: 1328-1818

Learn 3D - Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: (411) 326-1520

3D Training Institute - New York, NY
Phone: (877) 746-4338

Animation Apprentice - Online | London, UK
Phone: +44 7906-573-539
Degrees offered: Master of Arts in 3D Animation
Number of animation students: 55
Cost of program: £3,000 (approx $4,500 USD) for 30 week course, £7,000 for Master of Arts
Head of animation & admissions: Alexander Williams
Time of year offered: Start dates approx. every two months. September start for MA
Application deadline: Flexible
Equipment available: We offer the world's first (and only) online Master of Arts in 3D Animation. Students supply their own equipment.

Animation Mentor - Emeryville, CA, USA
Phone: (877) 326-4628

AnimSchool - Orem, UT, USA
Phone: (801) 765-767
Fax: (801) 221-4882
Certificates offered: Certifcate in 3D Animation; Certifcate in 3D Character (modeling & rigging)
Number of animation students: 250
Cost of program: $530 per month
Head of animation: Dave Gallagher
Head of admissions: Joshua Little
Time of year offered: January, April, July, October

CG Master Academy (CGMA) - Online Worldwide
Certificates offered: Certifcate of Completion in Foundation & Design Program, Environment Design Program, Character Design Program
Number of animation students: 500
Cost of program: $699 per course
Head of animation: Manny Fragelus
Head of admissions: Sophie Hamels
Time of year offered: Quarterly / Year-round
Equipment required: Minimum requirements to run Photoshop and view online lectures

CGTarian Animation & VFX Online School - Online | Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 65 905 905
Certificates offered: Advanced Character Animation Certifcates
Number of animation students: Up to 16 per class
Cost of program: $1,347 USD
Head of animation & admissions: Jalil Sadool
Time of year offered: Every three months: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
Application deadline: Every three months: March 15, June 15, September 15, December 15
Notes: We are online school owned by a Lithuanian registered company UAB MOCAP.LT

Digital-Tutors - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Phone: (405) 601-4806

TDU - Online
Phone: (614) 657-6715

Vancouver Animation School - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 612-1171
Degrees/Certificates offered: Animation, Concept Art, Matte Painting, Anime and Manga, Writing for Animation, Business for Artists
Number of animation students: 100
Cost of program: $14,900 CAD
Head of animation: Mario Pochat
Head of admissions: Sonia Bolduc
Time of year offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Application deadline: 10 days before session starts
Equipment available: Students are responsible for their own hardware and software. Educational discounts are provided.

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