Image venture is one of the leading animation and visual effects studios operating from Chennai, India. With its extensive experience, expertise and an Impressive record of delivering high quality work on time with adherence to International quality standards, Image venture has acquired the ability to cater to diverse creative industries around the globe – including film, television, advertising, and new media. The company has to its credit – animation & visual effects creation and production for over 1000 commercial projects and over 1600 episodes -series for television.

Image Venture is now focused on its Original Animation Productions, Co productions and Outsourced content development for its international clients – exclusively for the international market. The company is presently involved in creating unique animation productions for kids below 10 yrs. These include Bommi & Friends, Jr.Newton, Manhattan, The Tank & Radha. Backed by a visionary management, complete funding, strategic tie ups, highly motivated teams, state-of-the-art facilities and resources, Image Venture is all set to take the animation world by storm. Talk to us and find out more on what we could achieve together. In short, you dream, we animate!

People attending to MIPCOM:
Mathiseelan R (Managing Director)
Senthil Kumar K R (Exec Director)
Sivayogan A P (Business Development/Tech Director)

About our programs:

Bommi & Friends
Bommi & Friends is an original 6 min x 26 episode / 12 min x 13 Episodes 3D animated series in SD & HD. Produced & created by Image Venture Pvt. Ltd. Target Audience: children, ages 0 to 10 Years.

Synopsis: Bommi is a lively, cheerful and innocent girl child, five years of age, who lives in a village in India. A shooting star brings her a special pop up book in which she finds the wishing land that comes to life. She befriends a cuddly giraffe, a mischievous monkey, a smart crow, a wise elephant and a lovable dog from the wishing land. They magically transport Bommi into their land. The adventures of Bommi & Friends unfold, teaching them true life lessons as they journey through their land.

Jr. Newton
Kids - Science & Technology series

The Tank
6-12 years
(Producer: Knaff and Miceli Designs, Canada)

(Producer: Knaff and Miceli Designs, Canada)

The Indian Cultural Ambassador
Indian Fashion and cultural series
All ages

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