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Special 25th Anniv. ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ 25th Blu-ray Out Sep. 2

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Special 25th Anniv. ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ 25th Blu-ray Out Sep. 2

Fan of Jack Skellington can start rejoicing now. Disney is releasing a special 25th Anniversary Edition of Tim Burton’s beloved classic The Nightmare Before Christmas on digital and Blu-ray on Sept. 2nd (two months ahead of this year’s Halloween celebration!).

The new Blu-ray/Digital viewers can experience The Nightmare Before Christmas two different ways: the original, full-length film, in which the holidays collide with chaotic and comical consequences, and all-new sing-along mode, which includes pop-up lyrics to 11 unforgettable songs like “What’s This” and “This Is Halloween.” The Multi-Screen Edition of the movie includes a Blu-ray and Digital Code giving viewers the flexibility to watch the film on different devices.

Here are the bonus features, according to the official press release:

Blu-ray and digital New

Song Selection – Shriek along with these ghoulish tunes from the movie, or just lend an ear if you find singing to be particularly ghastly.

  • “This Is Halloween”
  • “Jack’s Lament”
  • “What’s This?”
  • “Town Meeting Song”
  • “Jack’s Obsession”
  • “Kidnap the Sandy Claws”
  • “Making Christmas”
  • “Oogie Boogie’s Song”
  • “Sally’s Song:
  • “Poor Jack”
  • “Finale/Reprise”

Classic Bonus Features:

The Making of

  • The Beginning – Tim Burton and the filmmakers detail the early stages of the beloved film.
  • Music – Discover how composer and lyricist Danny Elfman expressed Tim Burton’s unique vision through the timeless songs heard in the film.
  • Storyboards – In the storyboard phase, visual representations are first drawn for each scene and then put together in sequential order.
  • Art Direction – From camera angles to miniature sets, just about every detail of the film was meticulously plotted by the filmmakers.
  • Puppets – All of the characters’ puppet models are constructed in a process that takes them from their metal base to the final painted mold.
  • Animation – An incredible mix of artistry and patience is required to produce the stop-motion magic of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Deleted Storyboards

  • Behomoth Singing – In this unused storyboard sequence, we learn there may have been more to Behemoth than the overalls let on.
  • Oogie Boogie with Dancing Bugs – Unused because of its difficulty to animate—take a look at this storyboard sequence where Oogie Boogie cuts a rug with some bugs.
  • Alternate Identity of Oogie Boogie – Although never used in the final film, Oogie Boogie was almost a mere alter ego for someone very close to Jack and Sally.

Deleted Animated Sequences

  • Vampire Hockey Players – Tim Burton almost had quite the grotesque cameo, but he was replaced by a pumpkin in the final film.
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel – Lock, Shock and Barrel settle in for a front-row seat while Oogie Boogie terrorizes Santa and Sally.
  • Oogie Boogie Shadow Dance – The Boogie Man was never one to shy away from the spotlight, as is evident in this deleted dance sequence.
  • Tim Burton’s Early Film: “Frankenweenie” (Uncut Version) – Before Tim Burton gave us all nightmares, he created this electrifying short film that replaces Frankenstein’s monster with a dog.
  • “What’s This?” Jack’s Haunted Mansion Tour – Take a ride through Jack’s Haunted Mansion Holiday and see how Disney Imagineers transformed an iconic Disneyland attraction.
  • Tim Burton’s Original Poem Narrated by Christopher Lee – Hear Hollywood legend Christopher Lee narrate the poem that inspired the movie. Set over illustrations based on Tim Burton’s art.
  • Storyboard-to-Film Comparison – See the final version of Jack’s Christmas pitch to the people of Halloween Town next to the original storyboards.
  • Theatrical Trailer – In this theatrical trailer, enter a place where every day is Halloween—till Jack Skellington shares his unique view of Christmas!
  • Teaser Trailer – This trailer highlights Disney’s long history with technology in filmmaking and heralds a new collaboration with Tim Burton.

Blu-Ray exclusives also include Tim Burton’s early short Vincent and a look at some of the film’s promotional posters.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-ray

The Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-ray


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