Kickstand Updates StretchMesh for Maya

Upgrades to StretchMesh surface deformation plug-in for Maya adds several new features that creator Kickstand says streamline the production process for creating top-notch character animation.

In addition to a speed enhancement, the update ‘ StretchMesh 1.5 ‘ includes the following new features:

‘ Improved flexibility animating collisions using primitive sphere and primitive curve colliders. Primitive sphere colliders behave like mesh sphere colliders, but with far more robust performance. Primitive curve colliders provide an array of radius values along the length of a curve to define a collision tube or capsule, offering significantly better performance than equivalent mesh colliders.

‘ The influence of a collision object can now be painted, giving users per-vertex control over a collision and impact.

‘ Curve attractors provide the ability to pull vertices toward the closest point on a curve. This technique is useful in facial rigging, for example, where the vertices of an eyebrow need to be pulled toward a target curve.

‘ A new “Scale Safe’ mode allows users to scale a mesh and safely preserve its initial shape.

The upgrade will be made available this summer to owners of StretchMesh, which costs $249 per seat. For more details, please visit or call 1-888-KCK-STND.