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Ant Bully, ThunderCats on Disc

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Ant Bully, ThunderCats on Disc

Warner Bros. animated feature The Ant Bully marches to home video today after a theatrical run that wasn’t exactly a picnic. Despite a rough time at the box office, the movie had plenty of fans and should make a popular stocking stuffer this holiday season, especially among fans of John Nickle’s popular children’s book on which the film is based. Also hitting shelves today is the remaining set of episodes from the second season of the beloved 1980s cartoon action series Thundercats.

Directed by John A. Davis (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Santa Vs. the Snowman 3-D) and produced by Tom Hanks through his Playtone shingle, The Ant Bully is a fable about a young boy who floods an ant colony and later finds himself shrunken down to the size of an ant. Living among the insects, Nickie is forced to help repair the damage he caused and learns some important lessons about cooperation and community. The film’s voice cast includes Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Zach Tyler, Paul Giamatti and Bruce Campbell.

Bonus features on the DVD will include seven animated shorts ,additional scenes from the movie and a behind-the-scenes featuretted titled It Takes a Colony, in which the Black Beetle explores the giant filmmaking process from a tiny perspective.

Fans of the 1980s Rankin & Bass animated series about super-powered feline/human hybrids can now pick up Thundercats: Season 2, Volume 2 on DVD. The six-disc set features the last 34 episodes of the second and final season of the show.

In the Thundercats series, the planet Thundera is destroyed by evil forces, leading the inhabtants to flee in escape vessels. The lone surviving crew lands on Third Earth and built a fortress to defend against the centuries-old evil of Mumm-Ra and the mutants that wiped out the rest of the Thunderans. The second season unfolds with a series of multi-part episodes with continuing storylines as Thunderan leader Lion-O struggles to protect his clan with the help of his Sword of Omens.

Bonus features on the DVD include the interactive challenge ThunderCats Ultimate Adventure. In the game, Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney leads players through various obstacles as they work to solve the mystery of Third Earth and advance to the final stage. The Warner Home video Release lists for $64.98.

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