Hipclip Profile 4/16/03 - 4/23/03

Name: Frank Prendergast
Email: frankp@9mmfilm.com
Website: http://www.9mmfilm.com
Country: Ireland
Film: We're Going Sailing
Music Video
Runtime: 03:00 min
Description: This video has been described as "a joy to watch" by Hot Press music magazine. The animated music video for 'We're Going Sailing' draws on the romantic nature of the song for it's inspiration. Not just the boy-girl romance aspect but also the atmospherical and mythical romance that runs through the song. The simplicity and childlike style of the animation emphasises the naivete and innocence that is inherent in the song itself. The Characters in the song are not adults neither are they children. The characters are mythical characters, only a few inches in height, and are sailing on a leaf. Their 'ocean' is really a stream, a reflection on the song's theme, which is a romanticism of the adventure a couple goes through and the magical quality that love gives to ordinary life.

Hipclip Profile 4/2/03 - 4/9/03

Name: Andy Menconi
Email: andyhappy@onebox.com
Website: www.syntheticniche.com
Country: USA
Film: Secret Agent Dan
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 04:00 min
Description: Dan Pendleton is a laid off dot commer who had to move back in with his parents and start working at the Blotto Burger down the street. But in Dan's mind it's all a cover as he is a secret agent trying to save the world!

Hipclip Profile 3/20/03 - 3/26/03

Name: Andrei Bakhurin
Strawberry Spring
Music Video
01:00 min
Description: Esoteric music video
This was a song inspired by the self-named story by Stephen King. I used to sing it with my band called "Amontillado" Several years before. Now as I discovered computer and some sophisticated technologies it has to offer (like Flash), I decided it was time to make a clip for that old scary song. So here it is. "...for I passed many shadows but in the fog I saw no faces."

Hipclip Profile 3/13/03 - 3/19/03

Name: Ola Bergner
Email: kankuran@chello.se
Website: www.goober.nu/nim/index.html
Country: Sweden
Film: Nim's winter tale
Genre: Family
Runtime: 8 min
Description: Nim's Winter tale is about a little pixie named Nim who lives in a boulder deep in the Winterwoods. It is Christmas time and the first heavy snowfall has begun to cover the ground. In this tale we will follow Nim on his yearly journey to the human settlement where he is usually given a nice bowl of porrige. The story is in swedish with english subtitles.

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