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Super Duper Sumos Enter GBA Ring


Super Duper Sumos Enter GBA Ring

When you think of video game heroes, fat guys in diapers don’t usually come to mind. Midway Games hopes to change all that as it brings a popular DIC Kids’ Network cartoon to the world of handheld gaming. Super Duper Sumos is now available for Game Boy Advance.

In Super Duper Sumos, three 18-year-old Sumos travel to the modern world with ancient powers to defend the innocent and battle the evil Ms. Mister and her cohorts. Gamers can choose to play as Booma, Defender of Peace; Kimo, Defender of Honor; and Mamoo, Defender of Truth. The supersized superheroes are able to double in size and employ other special powers in thwarting evil.

Players can switch among Sumo warriors to take advantage of their unique powers. Mamoo takes charge in battle with the "Sumo Squeeze" and a piercing stare that brings enemies to their knees. He is the Defender of Truth and therefore cannot tell a lie, even if it means risking his companion’s safety. Kimo smashes into enemies with his destructive "Honorable Thunderball," rolling through anything in his path. Booma is proud of his oversized buttocks and uses the "Gluteus Maximus" move to crush anything under its sweeping arc.

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