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‘Toy Story 3’ Prompts Virgin’s In-Flight Warning


‘Toy Story 3’ Prompts Virgin’s In-Flight Warning

Pixar’s Oscar-winning 2010 Feature Toy Story 3 tops Virgin Airline’s list of films that require “emotional health warnings” during in-flight screenings. Since last Wednesday, the airline started advising sensitive passengers to press the call button a shoulder to cry on during films such as Toy Story 3, Water for Elephants and The Blind Side.

The program was the result of a U.K.-based survey in which 55 percent of respondents agreed that their emotions became heightened on flights. Forty-one percent of the men surveyed said they hid under blankets to hide their tears while watching sad scenes such as Woody and Buzz’s farewell to Andy sequence. 

“On a flight, we’re isolated, leaving loved ones or aching to be reunited with them,’ says Virgin’s film critic Jason Solomons. “We’re nervous, we’re tired, we might have had a drink at a time we usually wouldn’t. If we see an image, a scene that reflects our emotional state, frankly we’re suckers. Flying and films is a heady cocktail, the images and feelings so close to your eyeballs, so intimate.”

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Virgin Airlines asked audiences to weigh in on the movies that made them cry in flight through its Facebook Page. Here is the list of the tear-inducing films:

1. Toy Story 3
2. The Blind Side
3. Eat, Pray, Love
4. My Sister’s Keeper
5. Seven Pounds
6. Brokeback Mountain
7. The Notebook
8. Gran Torino
9. Invictus
10. Billy Elliott


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