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World Animation Celebration Film Schedule Set

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World Animation Celebration Film Schedule Set

The lineup is set for The World Animation Celebration, set for Nov. 1 at The Los Angeles Film School Main Theatre.

Presented by Animation Libation Studios and Animation Magazine, the one-day festival will feature a wide selection of international animated student shorts in multiple categories.

Admission is free, but tickets are required — and going fast. Get yours here before it’s too late!

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. The Los Angeles Film School is located at 6363 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.

The full schedule of films and events follows:

Opening Day Ceremony (12:30 p.m.)

Student Animation (12:45-2:45 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

A Halloween Treat                                                      USA                         Alexander Flores

Any Witch Way                                                           CAN                          Sabrina Denault

Balloon Memories                                                       GBR                    Eurico da Costa Ng

The Bearicade (v2)                                                     USA                          Kevin Poythress

Bears on the Road                                                      NLD                             Nadia Meezen

Birthday                                                                       USA                                  Nick Tustin

Bonne Journey                                                           USA                          Michael Chavez

Broken Wand                                                              USA                    A.Yang & M.Altman

But She’s Nice …                                                        POL                            Tomek Pilarski

Butler’s Choice                                                            GRC                        Padelis Paradisis

Butterfly Song                                                             USA                           K.Kim & S.Park

Carrots, Crown & Rollerblades                                   FRA                                    J.Pacheur

Dateless                                                                      GBR                R.Buznea &  Kyridkou

Derailed                                                                       USA                                Yon Hui Lee

Engrenage                                                                  FRA                                 Lea Chervet

Every Star                                                                   USA                              Yawen Zheng

Hell! Visa                                                                     USA                                 Jake Zhang

Instructions to Hearing
Persons Desiring a Deaf Man                                    USA                             Brooke Griffin

It Gets Worse                                                              CAN                       Johanna Schread

KiaRex                                                                        USA                               Yandong Qiu

Love Letter                                                                  CAN                                Oling Kesski

Luma St.                                                                     GBR                           Daniel Escobar

LUKMAAI                                                                    CAN                     R. Uthaithammarat

Marrying the Sea                                                        IRL                                  Sarah Walsh

Mirror                                                                          USA                                  Yu-Ta Shih

Monster                                                                       USA                            S.Lin & T.Shek

MRT Coaster                                                              SGP                             Nguyen & Mai

Natharms                                                                    GBR                                Silvia Bezos

Prince Johnny                                                             THA                               P. Kitcharoen

PUFF                                                                          IND                               V. Darkundae

Sad John                                                                     USA                                 Jake Zhang

Shallow End                                                                USA                          Ambrose Garcia

Spork                                                                          GBR                      Beata Lukasiewicz

The Champ                                                                 CAN                      Rosemary Travale

The Sheep Shop                                                         NLD                          Jorn Leeuwerink

Tiki Hot                                                                        USA                               Yandong Qiu

Vertical Horizons                                                         IRL                              Anita Gaughan

Panel: “Making Animated Short Films” (3-3:45 p.m.)

CG Animation (4-4:40 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

11 Paper Place                                                           USA                           Ana Sofia Maia

Espero                                                                         GBR                              Henrik Linnes

Fish Village                                                                  SGP                                   Liping Bak

Tall Tales Part 2                                                          GBR                                  Jon Turner

The Adventures of Barty & the Pirate                        SGP                              Mark Chavez

The Beggar                                                                 AFG                                 M. Gholami

The Lighthouse                                                           CZE                           Martin Ferencei

The Scarecrow & the Firefly                                      BRA                            Thiago Savona

Traditional Animation (4:40-5:05 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

A Musical Lifetime – Allegro                                        FRA                              Erwan Le Gal

The Lamb                                                                    AUS                             R. Lyford-Pike

Mother                                                                         TWN                        Wu-Ching Chang

Gashapon Kou-lou-kou-lou                                         TWN                                 Eden Chan

Marianne                                                                     USA                                R. O’Connor

Ever After                                                                   GBR                                 Ada Polcyn

Stop Motion Animation (5:05-5:27)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

Cycle                                                                           CAN                        Raquel Sancinetti

Never Stop Cycling                                                    CAN                                Colin Lepper

Blobby                                                                         CAN                             Laura Stewart

Beat in the Forest                                                        ISR                             Meidan Danino

Fork and Knife                                                            USA                               Adina Cohen

The Gift                                                                       IND                             Hemali Vadalia

2D Animation (5:27-5:52 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

Command & Commander                                          IRN                             Saeid Tarkhani

On The Subway                                                          CAN                                Mike Geiger

Pepe Luu                                                                     NLD                              Valerie Chang

Swan                                                                           UKR                              S. Danylenko

Tabula Rasa                                                                IND                A. Shekhawat, A. Lodia

Tales of Stuff                                                              NLD                             David de Rooij

Rain                                                                             SGP                             Tiffany Zhang

The Last Buffoonery                                                   ARG                                Luis Vallejos

Wild & Woolly                                                              ARG                             Vanessa Silva

Experimental Animation (5:55-6:30 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

Cantarella                                                                    ITA                               Fabio Scarselli

Flows                                                                           BRA                                   Diego Akel

Fragile                                                                         THA                        Janet Bhromsuthi

Ink.                                                                              USA                                  Ray Chang

Job Interview                                                              HUN                 D. Ruzsa & F. Spitzer

Mosaic Dance                                                             USA                                 Jake Zhang

Night Lights                                                                 RUS                      Tatiana Moshkova

Toro                                                                             USA                                     Lynn Kim

Opening Night Ceremony and Guest Speaker Floyd Norman (7:15-7:50 p.m.)

Top Three Animation (7:50-9:30 p.m.)

Title                                                                            Country                                Director

• 2D Computer Animation

Behind My Behind                                                      USA                                  David Chai

Carrotrope                                                                   PRT                                Paulo D’Alva

Tupilaq                                                                        DNK                                Jakob Maqe

• CG Animation

Afghan Doll                                                                 AFG                                  M. Abedian

Juste De L’eau                                                            FRA                           C. De Carvalho

The OceanMaker                                                       USA                               Lucas Martell

• Experimental Animation

Elsewhere, the Survivors                                            USA                                Ali Aschman

LAND                                                                          JPN                                   M. Hiraoka

Zepo                                                                            ESP                        C. Diaz Melendez

• Stop Motion Animation

Disappear                                                                    HUN                                 H. De Vaan

Drift                                                                             IND                             Hemali Vadalia

Two Ghosts                                                                 USA                      Amy Lee Ketchum

• Student Animation

Les Liens De Sang                                                      FRA                         Thomas Ricquier

Make It Yourself                                                         IRN                              M. Tabatabaei

Zuzumi                                                                        USA                               L. Li & M. Xu

• Traditional Animation

Guida                                                                          BRA                             Rosana Urbes

The Gullible Kiss of Mr. Patokos                                GRC                             Iannis Spanos

Wackatdooo                                                                CAN                        Benjamin Arcand

Award Ceremony/Closing (9:30 p.m.)

Hope to see you there!

World Animation Celebration

World Animation Celebration


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