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Watch: Pixelatl Toasts 10 Years of Uniting the Creative Community

Pixelatl Festival
Pixelatl Festival

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Watch: Pixelatl Toasts 10 Years of Uniting the Creative Community

In anticipation of the 10th anniversary edition of Mexico’s Pixelatl Festival, taking place online September 7-11, 10 studios and artists around the world have teamed up to create a beautiful film collage in tribute to the celebrated animation event.

Dubbed Doors to Infinity, the short opens in a strange, gray world where the spirit of creativity shines with light and color — before whisking us away through a series of vignettes which showcase the diversity of animation techniques and breadth of global talent that has come to call the Cuernavaca gathering a home away from home each year (whether in person or online).

Pixelatl Festival

Pixelatl Festival

In the beginning, we believed we were the only ones with a burning need to share our stories. We felt alone, unable to truly connect with another. But, when we got together and opened the door to Pixelatl, we realized we were completely wrong.

We found worlds full of different people wanting to begin new adventures. We learned to cooperate by creating unique, fantastic and unexpected places. That’s why we continue to open more doors … To grow and develop our potential to the maximum. All this helped us to discover ourselves a little bit more, knowing our roots, and so we were finally able to build bridges to unite our differences. This way, we blend and achieve amazing things.

The good thing is that these doors can be anywhere, even inside us. And that’s why we are here to celebrate — because that’s what life is about, right?

Doors to Infinity was directed by Dalmiro Buigues (Co-Founder, Creative & Art Director) and executive produced by Ignacio Godoy, both of in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The participating studios are:


  • (
  • Club Camping (
  • Oxeegeno (@oxeegeno)
  • VR Artisan (@vr_artisan)
  • Bandido Guapo (@bandidoguapo)


  • Kraneo Estudio (@kraneokraneo)
  • Mighty (@mightyanimation)
  • Banzai Studio (@banzaistudiomx)


  • All In Pixel (@allinpixel)


  • Romain Verdier (@rodiervermain) |


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