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REDCAT Kids Film Fest Announecs 2017 Lineup

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REDCAT Kids Film Fest Announecs 2017 Lineup

Downtown Los Angeles’ annual REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival has set the schedule for two busy weekends for young film buffs, highlighting innovative animation and live-action films from across the globe. The festival is set for April 29-30 and May 6-7 at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum and curated by Elizabeth Shepherd.

Click on the program names to view film details and purchase tickets ($5).

Saturday, April 29

Noon: Shine On (Ages 2+, 68 min.)

What makes you shine? The characters in these sweet live-action and animated films have special things that make them glow and grow. Join them as they play with words, make new friends, and take journeys to near and far. If you close your eyes and make a wish, you might even join them on a trip to the moon!

1:30 p.m.: Family Time (Ages 5+, 69 min.)

Families make the world go ‘round! In these animated and live-action shorts, we learn that very different kinds of families can share the same bond of love. Find the sun, learn a new song, dance with cats, drink from a tall, cool glass of color, and rediscover what your own family means to you.

3:00 p.m.: Wild Child (Ages 7+, 60 min.)

Open your eyes to the wild adventures the world has to offer! With this mix of live-action and animated films, you’ll go on a meerkat rescue mission, get captured by your own toy and explore outer space in a taxi!

Sunday, April 30

Noon: Creature Teachers (Ages 2+, 60 min.)

What can we learn from the animals we love? Jump into these short animated films and find yourself transformed into deer, crocodiles, and herons, oh my! Along the way, you’ll learn how to be a true friend and embrace your adventures!

1:30 p.m.: Friends Are Forever (Ages 5+, 70 min.)

Is there anything better than having a friend by your side? Good friends add color, music and memories to our lives. In this collection of mostly animated shorts, friends include a fierce little lion with a surprisingly soft heart, and a small, shy girl gaining strength from her grandmother and teacher.

3:00 p.m.: Gotta Be Me (Ages 6+, 70 min.)

The characters in these films are learning to dive deeper and fly higher. Meet a girl who shifts her shape, a boy who feels music instead of hears it, someone who longs to spend his life by the sea, and even some animated creatures who are also one-of-a-kind, just like you!

Saturday, May 6

Noon: Shine On (see Apr. 29)

1:30 p.m.: Family Time (see Apr. 29)

3:00 p.m.: No Bullies Allowed (Ages 8+, 61 min.)

These kids in these narrative and documentary shorts use their smarts and their compassion to defeat bullying in creative ways. The heroes and sheroes in this program find opportunities, through means from buzzing robot drones to introspection and friendship, to stand up for themselves and others. In doing so, they teach us how to make the world a more kind and just place.

Sunday, May 7

Noon: Creature Teachers (see Apr. 30)

1:30 p.m.: Save The Earth (Ages 8+, 58 min.)

The earth is our only home, so let’s take care of it! With this program of animation, you’ll travel through forests and the cosmos, animated dreamscapes, funny animal adventures, and stories about scientists, just to end up back at home, ready to change our planet’s future.

Jonas and the Sea Marlies van der Wel, The Netherlands, 2015.

Jonas and the Sea Marlies van der Wel, The Netherlands, 2015.


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