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Must-See at MIPTV

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Must-See at MIPTV

Taking place April 4-7 in Cannes, France, the 2016 MIPTV content market is set to once again offer a dizzying array of television-ready delights — not to mention properties geared to new media consumers and emerging entertainment technologies. Once again, we’ve endeavored to pick over some of the freshest fruits to shake off the animation tree this year and offer you a little appetizer: ## projects that deserve a closer look. Bon appetit!

Arthur And The Minimoys

Arthur and the Minimoys – The Series

Produced by: Europacorp Television, Studio 100, Lagardere Group, Disney Channel Germany

Distributed by: Studio 100 Media (R7.C1)

Created by: Luc Besson

Format: 26 x 26

Target audience: Kids 5-9

Type of animation: HD CGI

Synopsis: Arthur is a bright, ingenious 10-year-old who spends every vacation at his grandmother’s house, where her garden is home to a magical world invisible to the human eye: the world of the Minimoy. When he discovers a means to pass between the human and Miminoy world, he becomes a hero to the tiny beings. Joined by his friends Selenia and Betameche, Arthur stands up to all sorts of dangers — including the Minimoys’ arch nemesis, the evil Maltazard.

Selling points: Luc Besson’s hit book series has already inspired three live-action/CG feature film adventures and some videogames, establishing a firm foothold in Europe. The series adaptation boasts a fresh, brighter and cartoonier design that has already caught the eye of broadcasters at home and abroad. Key creatives include director Pierre-Alain Chartier (The Little Prince TV series) and writers Cyril Tysz (Super 4, Gormiti) and Alain Serluppus (The Long, Long Holiday, Code Lyoko).

Broadcasters: Gulli, Canal J (France); Disney (Germany); RTBF (Belgium); Radio-Canada




Produced by: Squeeze Studio Animation, with Teletoon, Canada Media Fund, Quebec Refundable Tax Credit for Film and Television Production, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, CAVCO and the Bell Fund

Format: 52 x 1

Target audience: Kids 6-9

Type of animation: CGI

Synopsis: Cracked (or Cracké) is a slapstick comedy starring Ed, an anxious daddy ostrich looking after his beloved brood of eight eggs. All the eggs are blessed with incredibly luck — unfortunately, things are different for their doting dad. Overprotective and a perfectionist, Ed is always causing unintentional trouble and never misses a chance to make things worse for himself. But, the eggs always stay in one piece!

Selling points: The series’ short format means each cartoon is packed with hilarious, chaotic comedy moments, and its dialog-free format means these one-minute bits can slip seamlessly into any kids’ programming lineup, worldwide. High profile broadcast partners for Cracked are already putting this Quebecois original on the map, with a mobile game and animated digital comic coming soon.

Broadcasters: Teletoon (Canada); Nickelodeon (Australia & New Zealand); Cartoon Network, Boomerang (Brazil)


Jade Amor

Jade Armor

Produced by: TeamTO

Created by: Pongo Kuo (original concept)

Format: 52 x 11 (Delivery in 2018)

Target audience: Kids 6-11

Type of animation: CGI

Synopsis: This action-comedy follows Cho Yu, a modern girl who stays busy with school and volunteering at an animal shelter. Coming from a long line of powerful women, Cho Yu’s life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a mystical — sometimes unpredictable — suit of jade armor. With her best friends Yang and Lin and the magical Beasticons, Cho Yu suits up to battle the forces of darkness.

Selling points: This show, reimagined with a female lead since its pitch at Cartoon Forum 2011, is all about girl power. “With its bubbly, feminine and brave heroine – descended from a long line of strong women – Jade Armor  is a project very dear to my heart,” says EP and TeamTO founding manager Corinne Kouper. “This modern girl role model is a fun and important one for the kids space and interestingly appeals to boy audiences as well.” Key creatives include director Chloe Miller (Angelo Rules) and head writer Rebecca Hobbs (P.E.T. Detectives).

Kit'n Kate

Kit ‘n’ Kate

Produced by: Toonbox Animation Studio

Distributed by: Ankama Animations

Format: 32 x 5

Target audience: Preschool

Type of animation: 2D

Synopsis: When little blue kittens Kit and Kate hop into their enchanted toy box and choose something to play with, their imaginations create a big, new world to explore. On their adventures they must make decisions, which don’t always turn out right. Luckily there’s always a helpful stranger (their mom in imaginary disguise) to help nudge them in the right direction.

Selling points: Available in Russian and English, this transmedia property is colorful, inviting and gentle enough for little tykes. With mobile apps as well as physical and digital books to accompany the short animations, the curious little cats are ready to meet new friends worldwide.

Broadcasters: Disney Junior (Australia & New Zealand), EBS (South Korea), Icflix (SVOD in MENA)


My Knight and Me

My Knight and Me

Produced by: TeamTO, Thuristar

Distributed by: CAKE

Created by: Joeri Christiaen

Format: 52 x 11

Target audience: Kids 6-11

Type of animation: CGI, SD and HD

Synopsis: This medieval comedy centers on street-smart Jimmy the Squire, his best friend Cat the daring princess, and his father, Henri of Orange, a charmingly inept but passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm, but is definitely the funniest. Together this trio set out to make the Dark Ages a little bit lighter and a lot more fun.

Selling points: The series is based on the highly entertaining short film 850 Meters from Joeri Christiaen, who is directing the show and previously served as director and writer for Plankton Invasion. As Canal+ kids programming director Laurence Blaevoet said in last year’s production announcement: “Modern everyday heroes accomplish extraordinary challenges, in incredible settings worthy of a classic Chivalry film – all with tremendous humour. This show genuinely has all ingredients of a great show.”

Broadcasters: Canal+ Family, Teletoon+ (France); Super RTL (Germany); VRT-Ketnet, RTBF-Ouftivi (Belgium)


Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Produced by: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Distributed by: Viacom International Media Networks

Created by: Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan

Format: 26 x half-hour

Target Audience: TBD

Type of Animation: 2D

Synopsis: Four extremely unlikely roommates get into all kinds of comedic hijinx as their absurd life situations intertwine in this Nick hit. Viewers tag along as Pig (the foolish one), Goat (the emotional artist), Banana (the surly wise-guy) and Cricket (the brains of the bunch) deal with their very different problems in and out of their treehouse pad, which inevitably come together in the end.

Selling points: Creators Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan bring years of comics experience to their first show, which Nickelodeon U.S. re-upped for a second season before it even premiered. International broadcast interest is starting to pick up for the show, which makes its MIPTV debut this year after premiering last summer, so the time to jump on the Pig Goat Banana Cricket train is now.

Broadcasters: Nickelodeon (U.S.), YTV (Canada), Antena 3 (Spain)


The Sisters

The Sisters

Produced by: Samka Productions, Bamboo Productions

Distributed by: Jetpack Distribution

Created by: William & Cazenove

Format: 52 x 11

Target audience: Kids 6-10

Type of animation: 2D

Synopsis: Sibling conflict leads to comical situations in this slice-of-life show about seven-year-old Marine and 13-year-old Wendy. Wendy just wants to be a grown-up and get through the ups and downs of teenhood in one piece, while Marine is still a hyperactive, naive child who is always coming up with crazy ways to get her sister’s attention.

Selling points: Based on the best-selling comic books by William & Cazenove (Bamboo Édition), the show’s focus on strong characters and relatable sisterly bond make for a “compelling, laugh-out-loud comedy filled with themes that every kid can relate to,” says Jetpack CEO Dominic Gardiner. Commissioning broadcasters M6 and Canal+ clearly agree.

Broadcasters: M6, Canal+ (France)


Zoli and Pockey

Zoli & Pokey

Produced by: 2 Minutes, Doghouse Films

Distributed by: About Premium Content

Created by:

Format: 52 x 13 (Delivery Q1 2016)

Target audience: Kids 6-10

Type of animation: 2D HD

Synopsis: Being a pre-teen is hard enough, but for Zoli things get even crazier when his estranged father suddenly shows up … having been transformed into a dog. In addition to putting up with his organic food-obsessed stepfather, irritatingly popular stepbrother, a half sister who’s a genius and a mother who’s an out-there conceptual artist, Zoli must get reacquainted with his real dad now trapped in the furry body of the family pet.

Selling points: In addition to a creative concept that puts the modern family sitcom set-up in a new light, Zoli & Pokey features a distinct, quirky and colorful design scheme. Key creatives include series director Jacopo Armani, an award-winning animator who has worked on both sides of the Atlantic, and writers Sophie Decroisette (K3, Heidi, Code Lyoko) and Anna Frégonèse (Atomic Betty, SantApprentice).

Broadcasters: Gulli (France)


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