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FMX Adds VFX Talks on ‘Ready Player One,’ ‘The Last Jedi’

Ready Player One

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FMX Adds VFX Talks on ‘Ready Player One,’ ‘The Last Jedi’

In less than two weeks, the FMX 2018 conference on animation, effects, games and immersive media returns to Stuttgart (Apr. 24-27). As plans are finalized, organizers announce that feature films Ready Player One and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, hit video game Call of Duty, innovations in CG visualization and a track on the social impact of immersive media join the highlights of this year’s show.

Additionally, the FMX 2018 App has launched, giving users access to up-to-date program info and individual scheduling. And of course, Bruno the Beaver is back to wrestle anew with nature in the seventh and final installment of the Behind the Beard trailer series.

Visual Effects

Just confirmed, Industrial LIght & Magic’s Grady Cofer, David Shirk and Jo Plaete will discuss the approach to building and populating an entire world for Ready Player One at FMX 2018. Ben Morris, Mike Mulholland (both of ILM) and Jason Wen (The Third Floor) will shed some light on the visual effects of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Overall VFX supervisor Peter Chiang (Double Negative) and VFX supervisor Peter Eszenyi (Territory) will offer insights into the production of Pacific Rim Uprising. And VFX Supervisor Erik Winquist (Weta Digital) will talk about how George the giant gorilla from Rampage is the culmination of their groundbreaking digital simian work.


The “Games Cinematics” track welcomes the creators of some of the latest and greatest work in the field, who are constantly redefining what is possible within the confines of a limited production time and budget. Manuel Thomasser (DIGIC Pictures) will discuss the challenges of creating narrative cinematics for Call of Duty: World War II. Mickael Riciotti and Geoffrey Lebreton (Unit Image) will share insights into the making of the The Crew 2 full-CGI trailer. And Damian Nenow (Platige Image) will elaborate on the creation of the Skull & Bones cinematic teaser, exploring the creative process from script to screen.


The “Open Source” track features the latest trends initiated by the open source community. David Morin, organizer of the Academy Summits on Open Source Software, will elaborate on its use and potential benefits in the motion picture industry. Stephan Steinbach (Pixar Animation Studios) will talk about OpenTimelineIO, a new API and interchange format made by Pixar designed to make it easier to build tools that use editorial timeline information. AliceVision, a new photogrammetry pipeline in VFX production, will be presented by Fabien Castan, Yann Lanthony and Benoit Maujean from Mikros. Ton Roosendaal, Andreas Goralczyk, Julien Kaspar and Francesco Siddi from Blender Foundation will share their perspective on production and realization of high quality 3D animation movies in Blender.

“New Spaces”

This track presents a diverse collection of recent CG visualization work, highlighting the integration of computer graphics with the concepts and spaces in which they are presented. Detlef Müller (adidas) will elaborate on the virtual product lifecycle, from design to production, using the example of adidas footwear. The interactive experiential space GeoPulse, designed to depict complex information, will be the topic of Michael Mondria’s (Ars Electronica) presentation. Mikhail Miroshnichenko and Alexander Leus (both CROC inc.) will illuminate the recreation of the State Hermitage Museum’s Jupiter Hall in VR using photogrammetry. Thilo Ewers (PIXOMONDO) will present National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, an immersive entertainment experience that takes its users on a journey into the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean.

“Social Impact”

The people and projects presented in this track bring social issues out of the shadows and into intense immersive experiences. Sander van der Vegte (MediaMonks) will walk FMX visitors through Into the Wild, an AR experience in Singapore addressing the global issue of deforestation. Jonathan Yomayuza (Emblematic) will show examples of using VR to raise awareness of individual stories and global issues. Luciana Carvalho Se (REWIND) will discuss how VR can be used to enhance and progress society, from transferring subconscious bias, to therapy for PTSD, and even helping paraplegics learn to walk again.

The last available spot in the FMX Marketplace have been snagged by APEC Visual, Mo-Sys and 3DExcite — the latter will present Workshops, as well as Autodesk, Disney and Teradici. Oculus Medium and ILM will host Company Suites. And Electric Theatre Collective just booked the last available booth at the Recruiting Hub.

Tickets and additional information at

Ready Player One

Ready Player One



Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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