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Europe’s pre-eminent pitching and financing event for animated features lands in Bordeaux, which will host Cartoon Movie from March 8-10.

Cartoon Movie has had an enviable run of success.

Since 1999, more than 268 animated features have been pitched at the annual confab, securing a total budget of 1.8 billion euros. The result is the number of animated films made in Europe has quintupled in the past 15 years.

This year’s event — set for March 8-10 — is set to assemble 750 participants from 40 countries to preview 55 European feature-length animated movies in various stages of production.

The most significant change to this year’s event is the locale — the event has moved from Toulouse to Bordeaux, France.

The change was made to recognize the new host city’s vital and fast-growing digital economy, as well as the quality of the Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux and the city’s proximity to Angoulême, where the Pôle Image Magelis clusters 30 animation studios.

The city also is home to the Bordeaux Metropole, which stimulates and supports the digital economy. As a prelude to Cartoon Movie, Bordeaux Metropole will hold March 8 a new edition of La Grande Jonction, which aims to bring all the traditional industries of the digital economy together.

The same day also will see Cartoon Games & Apps, which is looking to spark new synergy between the European animation film sector and that of video games and transmedia.

Cartoon Movie – Projects list

In Concept


Fabulous Circus!, Eric Gutierrez, 75 mins., 3D computer, LABEL ANIM (France)

Princess Dragon, Anthony Roux & Jean-Jacques Denis, 70 mins., 2D computer, cross-media concept, Ankama Animations (France)


Butts on Ice (working title), 85 mins., 3D computer, M.A.R.K.13 – COM (Germany)

Geno, Dato Kiknavelidze, 90 mins., 3D computer, cross-media concept, Lira Production Studios (Georgia)

Indecisia, 90 mins, 2D computer, 3D computer, Spiro Films (Israel)

Mavka. The Forest Song, Alexandra Ruban, 85 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, cross-media concept, Animagrad (Ukraine)

Single Mom in Korea, Jung Henin, 90 mins., 2D computer, drawing, painting, Marmitafilms (France) & Panda Media (South Korea)

Stitch Head, Steve Hudson, 80 mins., 3D computer, Gringo Films (Germany)

The Nazis, My Father and Me, Remy Schaepman, 80 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, FOLIVARI (France)

The Wonderous Journey of Little Sophie, Berend & Roel Boorsma, 90 mins., 3D computer, live action, Pellicola (Netherlands) & IJswater Films (Netherlands)


Organic Panic, Pierre Volto & Marion Montaigne, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, live action, Je suis bien content (France)

Young Adults & Adults

Awakening Beauty, Manuel H. Martin, 90 mins., 2D computer, La Claqueta (Spain)

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, Salvador Simó, 85 mins., 2D computer, The Glow Animation (Spain), Sygnatia Films (Spain)

Tangles, Leah Nelson, 90 mins., 2D computer, Passion Pictures (United Kingdom), Twofold Films (Canada) & Giant Ant (Canada)

The Tales of Mankind, Fred & Sam Guillaume, 85 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Painting, Live action, Nexus Factory (Belgium) & Caravel Production (Switzerland)

Two Caravans, 90 mins., 3D computer, Blue Zoo Animation Studios (United Kingdom)

Unicorn Wars, Alberto Vazquez, 80 mins., 2D computer, Uniko (Spain), Abano Productions (Spain), Autour de Minuit (France), Schmuby Productions (France)

In Development


Monstria, Richard Söderström, 80 mins., 3D computer, Copenhagen Bombay Productions (Sweden & Denmark)


A Skeleton Story, Alessandro Rak, 84 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, MAD Entertainment (Italy) & Ellipsanime (France)

Amundsen & Nobile, Kajsa Næss, 80 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Mikrofilm (Norway) & Denis Friedman Productions (France)

Butterfly Tale, 83 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, cross-media concept, CarpeDiem Film & TV (Canada)

Calamity: A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary, Rémi Chayé, 80 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Maybe Movies (France) & Sacrebleu Productions (France)

Crazy Island, Jesper Møller, 85 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, cross-media concept, Grid Animation (Belgium), Tinkerland (France), Wunderwerk (Germany) & Zooper Film (Germany)

Fatima – And the Secret Treasure, Bartek Kik, 80 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, cross-media concept, Platige Image (Poland) & Imaginew (Portugal)

Hump, Rob Gibbs, 95, 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, cross-media concept, MovieBrats Pictures (Germany), Walking The Dog (Belgium) & Tangent Animation (Canada)

Icarus, Carlo Vogele, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Iris Productions (Luxembourg), Iris Films (Belgium) & Rezo Productions (France)

Kensuke’s Kingdom, Neil Boyle & Kirk Hendry, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, live action, cross-media concept, Lupus Films (United Kingdom), Jigsaw Films (United Kingdom), Melusine Productions (Luxembourg) & Spirit Base (United Kingdom)

Little Caribou, Barry O’Donoghue, 72 mins., drawing, Barley Films (Ireland)

Ooops! 2, Toby Genkel & Sean McCormack, 80 mins., Moetion Films (Ireland), Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany) & Fabrique d’Images (Luxembourg)

The Fantastic Voyage of Marina, Anca Damian, 75 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, drawing, painting, cut-out, Aparte Film (Romania) & Sacrebleu Productions (France)

The Prince’s Journey, Jean-François Laguionie, 75 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Blue Spirit Productions (France)

The Treasure of Morgäa, Nicola Lemay, 80 mins., 3D computer, 10th Ave Productions (Canada)

Wolfwalkers, Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart, 90 mins., 2D computer, Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)


Fox and Hare Save the Forest, Mascha Halberstad, 75 mins., 3D computer, painting, cut-out, clay, Submarine (Netherlands) & Walking The Dog (Belgium)

Young Adults & Adults

Canaan, Jan Bultheel, 90 mins., 3D computer, Tondo (Belgium), Tarantula (Belgium) & Superprod (France)

Flee, Johan Poher Rasmussen, 75 mins., 2D computer, Final Cut For Real (Denmark), Sun Creature Studio (Denmark) & Vivement Lundi! (France)

Josep, Aurelien Froment (AUREL), 80 mins., 2D computer, Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée (France), Les Films d’Ici (France) & La Fabrique Animation (France)

Miss Saturne, Jérôme Combe & Barbara Israël, 85 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Prima Linea Productions (France), Artemis Productions (Belgium) & Fortiche Production (France)

My Sunny Maad, Michaela Pavlatova, 80 mins., 2D computer, Sacrebleu Productions (France) & Negativ (Czech Republic)

Super Vinamotor, Stéphanie Lansaque & François Leroy, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, live action, Je suis bien content (France)

The Red Jungle, Juan Lozano & Zoltan Horvath, 80 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Dolce Vita Films (France) & Intermezzo Films (Switzerland)

The Siren, Sepideh Farsi, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, Les Films d’Ici (France) & Lunanime, part of the Lumiere Group (Belgium)

In Production


Luis & the Aliens, Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, 80 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany), Fabrique d’Images (Luxembourg) & A. Film Production (Denmark)

Ploey — You Never Fly Alone, Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson, 85 mins., 3D computer, GunHil (Iceland) & Cyborn (Belgium)

The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear, Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Naesby Fick & Joergen Lerdam, 82 mins., 3D computer, Nordisk Film Production (Denmark), Einstein Film (Denmark) & A Film (Denmark)

The Little Vampire, Karsten Kiilerich & Richard Claus, 82 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, First Look (Netherlands), Comet Film (Germany) & A.Film Production (Denmark)

Zombillenium, Arther de Pins & Alexis Ducord, 74 mins., 3D computer, stereoscopic 3D, Maybe Movies (France) & Belvision (Belgium)

Zooks, Kristoff & Dimitri Leue, 90 mins., 2D computer, 3D computer, cross-media concept, Potemkino (Belgium), SANCTA (Belgium) & The Fridge (Belgium)


The Wind in the Reeds, Arnaud Demuynck & Nicolas Liguori, 65 mins., 2D computer, La Boîte,…Productions (Belgium), Nadasdy Film (Switzerland) & Les Films du Nord (France)

Young Adults & Adults

Bombay Rose, Gitanjali Rao, 90 mins., 2D computer, drawing, Les Films d’Ici (France) & Cinestaan International (United Kingdom)

The Tower, Mats Grorud, 75 mins., 2D computer, stop-motion, (Norway), Les Contes Modernes (France) & Cinenic Film (Sweden)

Sneak Preview


Rabbit School – Guardians of the Golden Egg, Ute von Münchow-Pohl, 76 mins., 3D computer, Akkord Film Produktion (Germany), Südwestrundfunk (Germany), Virgin Lands (Germany) & Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Germany)


Ethel & Ernest, Roger Maywood, 95 mins., 2D computer, drawing, painting, cross-media concept, Lupus Films (United Kingdom) & Melusine Productions (Luxembourg)

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, Benjamin Render & Patrick Imbert, 78 mins., 2D computer, FOLIVARI (France), STUDIOCANAL (France) & Panique! (Belgium)


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