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Disney Codeillusion Offers a Fun Way to Code

Disney Codeillusion
Disney Codeillusion

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Disney Codeillusion Offers a Fun Way to Code

Animation fans can now learn how to code from Ariel, Goofy, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and many other favorite Disney characters in the new online tutorial game, Life Is Tech’s Disney Codeillusion. The interactive learning adventure features beloved Disney characters as they help  students learn the ins and outs of coding. The product is actually designed for users 10 and older, and people in their late teens and early twenties seem to be enjoying it around the world.

When learners enter the magical Disney Codeillusion world, they’ll learn snow magic with Elsa, break tiles with Big Hero 6, escape a dungeon with Wreck-It Ralph and interact with many other Disney favorites. This interactive coding experience lets users immerse themselves in 14 different adventures In addition to the digital fun, players also get a Magic Book Starter Kit. The deluxe keepsake is a special book that can be used to collect postcard rewards they earn as they complete each learning experience. Users don’t need any coding experience at all to play. During their journeys, they will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Processing languages..

All-Star animators Ryosuke Nakamura and Mieko Hosoi, who are best known for creating Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Fantasy are part of the design team of the game. Gaming world legend Yoshihisa Hashimoto led the new game development as CTO of Life is Tech, Inc. He is famous for his work developing Sonic Unleashed at Sega and Final Fantasy XIV at Square Enix.

Fans can sign up for Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech today on the Disney Codeillusion website. (A bit of warning to parents: The game costs $1999 to download.)


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