Animated People

Brian Levant and the Beautiful Madness of Collecting Toon Toys & Memorabilia

The recently published art book My Life and Toys (G Editions) provides readers with a fascinating look at writer/director/producer Brian Levant’s (Mork & Mindy,...

The Circle of Life in the Animation Business

***This article originally appeared in the Sept./Oct. ’22 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 323)*** The importance of staying positive during tumultuous economic times. Nowadays young animators...

Director Huda Razzak on Her Prize-Winning ‘Ocean Duck’ and Rumi’s Quest for Eternal Love

Huda Razzak’s lovingly crafted and poignant short The Ocean Duck centers on a young woman who visits her ill grandmother in a hospital and...

Gigglebug’s Anttu Harlin Introduces Us to His ‘Unstoppable Yellow Yeti’

Helsinki-based Gigglebug Entertainment and French studio Zodiak’s new children’s animated series The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti is described as an “offbeat comedy series set in...

Portia Scott, Director of Voiceover at Coast To Coast Talent Group, Shares Her Behind-the-Mic Secrets

Portia Scott, the director of voiceover at Coast To Coast Talent Group, is responsible for leading the division representing both adult and youth talent...

Exec Producer Brooke Patterson Introduces Us to ‘The Great Wolf Pack’

Great Wolf Entertainment’s charming new animated project The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure centers on five woodland friends (Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf,...

Lizzie & Wendy Molyneux Sneak Peek the Lone Moose Magic of ‘The Great North’ S3

***This article originally appeared in the Sept./Oct. '22 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 323)*** The wonderfully talented and hilarious sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin...

‘Rick and Morty’ Creators Discuss Season 6 of the Beloved Sci-Fi Toon

Ahead of the sixth season premiere of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim on Sunday, September 4, show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon...

Randall Kaplan Talks About His Haunting New Project ‘Boxhead’

L.A.-based artist and filmmaker Randall Kaplan has released a new trailer for Boxhead, an upcoming animated horror movie which follows the nightmarish experiences of...

Brent Forrest Introduces His ‘Samurai Frog Golf’ at SIGGRAPH

Among the many animated projects debuting a SIGGRAPH this week is Samurai Frog Golf (or SFG), a charming short created by director Brent Forrest...

How to Take Rejection Like a Pro!

As you begin your career, it is important to know that part of being a professional is knowing how to handle rejection. It never...

Exclusive Q&A: Building ‘Super Giant Robot Brothers’ with Reel FX

Earlier this week, we were excited to offer a pre-premiere sneak peek at the new Netflix animated series Super Giant Robot Brothers, a colorful...


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